Christ: No Duality

To the physical/mortal eye, we live in a world of total duality! In Unity, this is often referred to as “Adamic consciousness;” the belief in separation related in the story of the Garden of Eden, wherein Adam and Eve accepted the belief that they needed something OTHER than Self, to be like God–the original sin! However, God MUST create in His own image and likeness and cannot do otherwise; they were ALREADY like Him, SPIRITUALLY, in every way. WE, TOO, are created in that same image and likeness, with everything that God is in our Spiritual DNA. When we release the belief in separation and ACCEPT our oneness with God and with all, we are freed from untold constraints; we enter into the Christ Consciousness of peace, freedom, love, joy and the TRUTH of Eternal Life!

Easter Resurrection

The Easter Resurrection, THE most joyous event in Christian history, is MORE than just that of Jesus! Just as the original sin–that of belief in separation from God–brought upon humankind the experience of death for all, so did the Resurrection undo that consequence–FOR ALL! The same Eternal Spirit of Christ which was in Jesus indwells each and every one of US! Its power, guidance, unconditional love and eternal life–IN US–was His message throughout his ministry and was PROVEN, for all time, through His FINAL OVERCOMING! Ours is to LIVE this truth triumphantly and joyously! Happy Easter! Joyous Resurrection!

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is the beginning of the Jewish Passover, which celebrates their exodus from slavery in Egypt. For Christians, this week represents OUR exodus from slavery to Adamic, third dimensional beliefs in separation, sin, sickness and death.  In our oneness with God–and, therefore, all mankind–we have shared in those error thoughts and in their consequences. We have lived under the Law and its mandates. The Christ Jesus, showed us a better way; that Love was the fulfillment of the law! We, in our oneness, with Him, share in His passion and crucifixion, also. The best part is that we KNOW how the story ends! Metaphysically, on Easter, we will die to those former error thoughts that have kept us enslaved, and arise in that Christ Consciousness–taught by Jesus–of our Oneness with the One All in All!

Dream Wisdom

There are dreams–and then–here are DREAMS! The Bible is filled with prophetic “visions” which, in time, came TRUE! We tend to think that they ONLY happened during Biblical times! However, for some, (PROBABLY, more than we realize) they happen–and often–even today! These dreams or visions can come while asleep or even as we are awake–probably the reason for the difference in naming them! However, if we will pay attention to BOTH types, they can have important clues as to the activity of our subconscious mind AND, as in Biblical times, give us clues as to the future! We are invited to pay attention, to keep a notebook by our bedside and document any dreams that seem to “stand out!” A metaphysical interpretation may lead us to blessings or keep us from challenges! Sweet dreams!