Christmas Heart

Christmas is more than just a holiday! It is a way of life, wherein we LIVE those things that Jesus taught, throughout the year! Yes, we celebrate His birth! It represents that recognition within mankind of our divinity, as children of God, and our oneness with Him! But what we DO with this knowingness; how we express it in our everyday affairs; generosity, patience, forgiveness and seeing the Christ in others, to name a few ways, is how we LIVE Christmas! WE carry the Christmas Heart INSIDE! May we receive and BE the Christmas Heart to all!

Choosing Joy

Joy is one of the innate God-qualities within us, from the beginning; before we were born, or even conceived! We, as God’s own awareness, and emanation, of SELF, ARE joy!! Metaphysically, the birth of Jesus, which we celebrate on Christmas, is the birth of this recognition into our own consciousness, on the human plain! To KNOW that we are DIVINE, SACRED, HOLY and FOREVER MUST bring joy!! Our part is to CHOOSE to acknowledge accept and celebrate this absolute Truth, to live it in our daily lives and to radiate it out to all, unconditionally!! Wishing all a joy-filled Christmas that will last all year long and every year, going forward!

Self-Love Realized

You cannot love another, without loving Self, first. AND, you cannot love Self, without loving all! So, what IS this  “Love,” of which we speak? It is the recognizing, the realization and the acceptance of the ONENESS of ALL! Charles Fillmore, one of the co-founders of Unity, wrote: “Divine love is impersonal; it loves for the sake of loving. It is not concerned with what or who it loves, nor with a return of love.” When we reach that realization that, as God’s own emanation of SELF, WE ARE THAT LOVE, our whole universe changes! Love becomes the lens through which we see, the mind with which we think, and the very air that we breathe; it is the indwelling I AM in each of us!


Inner Peace

“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you…” –John 14:27
Peace is the basis for all other blessings! We can be the richest, most successful,  person in the world, but without peace, our riches and success cannot truly be enjoyed; we can’t even have–much less enjoy–real health, without it! So, where do we find this better-than-gold treasure? Don’t look to the world! Fifteen minutes of the news will eradicate that idea! No, REAL peace is ALREADY WITHIN each and every one of us! Ours is to turn towards it, to acknowledge and accept it, and then to CELEBRATE it in our daily lives!