This Sunday is the beginning of Advent, which means “coming.” The coming of the Messiah had long been foretold. Today, we celebrate our conscious realization of this coming in US. This week, we celebrate Faith and Hope, one of the Twelve Powers of the Christ–that within us which looks forward to the manifestation of our Good with a surety born of knowing that the Law of Truth works unfailingly. Faith, born in us from the beginning, is the same today as it was in Biblical times. It is always within us, FOR us, waiting to be used BY us. It can give us the strength and determination to continue on our chosen paths until we bring our dreams into fruition.

Thanksgiving Day

“Thank You, God!!” We often use this phrase nonchalantly, or even in jest! This Thanksgiving Day, we are invited to take a deeper look into gratitude for all the wonderful blessings we truly have! To be thankful, we must, however, be AWARE of our blessings! Taking another step; to be aware, we must be actively SEEKING that awareness–we must be looking for those things for which we can be thankful. Thanksgiving Day celebrates the harvest! The seed of that harvest begins within us! As we acknowledge and appreciate our blessings, we are planting the seed, which produces its own fruit–more and more blessings!! In THIS understanding, we say, wholeheartedly, “Thank You, God!”

Spiritual Wake Up Calls

Life sends us many wake-up calls. Portia Nelson’s “There’s a Hole in My Sidewalk” tells of her “struggle” not to fall into the same hole, repeatedly. The hole in her story represents the many wake-up calls that life sends us! However, we must be vigilant, if we are to see or hear them! And, we must be willing to receive their messages! Third, we must be willing to take those steps indicated to avoid the pitfalls in life!! Last, but not least, we must be willing to value ourselves, as sons and daughters of the Most High; to live the Good that God is constantly seeking to express in and through and as us!!

Christ Capability

It’s a common term: He/She came in “fully loaded,” meaning having everything ever to be needed for a wonderful life. This term is more truthful than we realize!! As the individualized emanations of God or Spirit (whatever name we choose) all that is true of the Eternal, Universal One is true of us! The Indwelling Christ is always present, always ready and eager to shine forth in and through and as us! However, this can only happen according to OUR consciousness! This week, we are invited to be more aware of the allness that we are, to be more conscious of how we use the inherent gifts we possess and to make the decision to rise to the Truth of our being!