Gratitude Power

We, in our everyday lives, may not look at gratitude as a “power!” Most of us see it as the EFFECT of things received, circumstances changed, and results of efforts which we had desired. What we fail to see is that GRATITUDE is the very magnet–originating in mind–that draws these desired things into our experience, in the first place! We forget that very first Law; that like produces like! “And God said, ‘Let us create man in our image.'” (–Gen. 1:26) When we focus our thoughts on gratitude and those things for which we are grateful, we are creating an energy which will, in turn, draw to us MORE and then MORE, again! Happiness doesn’t bring gratitude; gratitude brings happiness!! This week, we are invited to BE in the MOMENT, noticing those little things for which we can be grateful. We are invited to hold in mind the vision of our desire fulfilled. We are invited to make the DECISION to BE GRATEFUL, NOW!! Then, without expectations as to HOW, we are invited to allow Spirit to do its perfect work in bringing forth the fruit of that gratitude seed, which we have planted in consciousness!

Living the Living Truth

Unity has taught us, since its inception, that thoughts are living things which produce each after its kind! This, in and of itself is a lot to think about! However, HAVING thought about it, what are we to DO about it? You see, we are in this world to BE and to DO! John 13:17 tells us, “Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them.” Unity has given us five basic principles, from which we can launch; principles that will help us stay moving in the right direction and which will help us reach that wonderful goal of living in conscious union with the ONE, All in all! We are invited to take these principles into our daily lives! Live them! Act in harmony with the spiritual law in back of them! We are invited to “…live as an expression of God’s living, loving Truth,” that the fruits of His kingdom may be ours! The time is now! Come Church, ARISE! Love with His hands, See with His eyes. BE the Christ that you are in Truth!

Easter Resurrection

In our oneness with God, we are one with ALL! This message permeates the scriptures! As such, the teachings, the miracles, the life and death and resurrection of the Christ, Jesus are also OURS! We need not suffer on the cross, as did He, but we DO, on our own individual level, have to go through our own trials and to allow our own mortal consciousness be buried in that tomb, if we are to emerge triumphant with Him! We have to pray, “Thy will be done!” in the knowing that Absolute Good IS the will of the Father, for each and every one of us. In so doing, we enable Spirit to do its perfect work in and through and as us, overcoming and eliminating those negative, errant, worldly beliefs to which we have clung, in ignorance, and raise us, triumphant, in TRUTH! Resurrection, then, is not just one incident in the life of Jesus, but happens every time we allow Spirit to raise us thusly. Happy, Joyous Easter! Happy, Blessed Resurrection!!