How many of us grew up afraid of the dark? If truth be told, many (most?) of us are actually afraid of the LIGHT–the God glory that indwells us! John 1:5 (KJV) tells us that “The light shineth in the darkness and the darkness comprehended it not. That same light shines within each and every one! It has, from the beginning! Ours is to realize that it IS, NOW, and that it IS WITHIN US! It is forever seeking to express, in and through and as us, everything that we need; the guidance, the assurance, the KNOWINGNESS that we are ONE with the One All in All! Time to get acquainted with that which we ARE!

Divine Laughter

There is an old saying that, if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans! Actually, God desires that WE laugh! Laughter truly is a Divine energy; borne of zeal, of gratitude, faith and of joy! Laughter is medicine to the soul! It lightens burdens–or gives us needed strength to carry them! And, it protects us from the consequences of fear thoughts! The energy behind laughter guards us against untold manifestations of lower vibrations! As we reach greater and greater realizations of our oneness with the One, we will, ever increasingly, laugh at our own foibles and those of the world in which we live–and, ALL in love!

Soul Awakenings

We come into this world with everything we need–everything–to live joy-filled, peaceful, prosperous, meaningful and healthy lives! We have all power and authority in heaven and earth! Our path is to access these spiritual gifts and use them, accordingly. But, first we must awaken to the fact that they DO EXIST and that they ARE WITHIN US–and have been all along! This is our main function in life, and should take precedence over all other ambitions or desires or concerns! We are here, first, to access, experience and express the ALLNESS of God, and His ABSOLUTE GOOD, indwelling us! And, second, to shine our light, in all we do, illuminating the path for others!!

Meditation: Passkey

This world, at times, can have us thinking we are its prisoners; no way up or out of the challenges we are facing, no way through the muck and the mire! This world would have us thinking it is all that there is! But the TRUTH is that there is a whole different perspective through which we can view our lives and this world in which we live, and THAT is through the eyes of Spirit, Indwelling! It knows only Good, only Love, only Life eternal! It is who we are, in TRUTH! However, we must seek this essence of SELF, continually, if we are to be free! We do this through meditation–our passkey to the peace, harmony, love, health, prosperity that we are in TRUTH! Meditation shows the way, and opens the door to All that God is, in and through and as us! This week, we are invited to pick up and USE this marvelous tool! It is our passkey to JOY!