Truth, as taught by Unity, has given us many skills to use in this walk we call life! But to use them effectively, we must understand them! Our teachings are based on a “Metaphysical,” (meaning above/beyond the physical) interpretation of the Bible. Jesus was referring to this when He said we were to worship in “spirit and in truth” (John 4:24). One of the definitions of spirit is MIND, and it is in our use of mind that we create–for good, or not so good. We are invited, this week to be aware of our power AS creators and to use those tools available to us, as such, to our highest good, and that of our world.


Though many of us might like to, we are not here to change the world! Rather, we must change OURSELVES, if we are to be able to experience life differently. Those things we desire are a good place to start, as they are telling us, in a round-about way, what we are lacking inside: self-love, self-worth, or perhaps, things like patience, understanding, strength, and FAITH! We are constantly radiating that which we ARE! And that energy returns to us in like manner–even though we may not recognize it as such. As we turn our ATTENTION to God, to Spirit, Indwelling, that eternal gift of peace will envelope and become part of who and what we are! Contained in that peace are health, happiness, gratitude, joy, prosperity and freedom! As we give/radiate THESE out, they will return a hundred-fold! After all, you can never out-give God!!

Prayer Steps

We, in Unity, often talk about “healing ourselves through prayer.” This is only partly true! What we do through prayer is open/awaken ourselves to the indwelling CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS of the Truth of our Being: that of Absolute Good, Unconditional Love, Eternal Life–our ONENESS with God! The spoken word of Truth does its own work, in and through and as us! The practice of meditation is a vital component of prayer in this process! One of the methods is to concentrate on a single, repeated word/phrase, i.e. “I AM,” (God’s name!)  The goal, here, is to reach that state of consciousness wherein “I AM” is no longer a thought in mind about which we are thinking, but the STATE OF BEING in which we dwell!

Mastermind Power

If you were one of those people who work on extremely high-voltage wires, you would KNOW the immensity of the power with which you are dealing and the importance of watching and making every move with the utmost care and caution! Our MINDS are those high-voltage wires, connecting our innermost thoughts with the outside world and our experience of it! This can be our greatest possession! Or, misused, it can be the most dangerous! We are SPIRITUAL DYNAMOS–the fullness of our capabilities yet to be realized, much less governed and exercised! We are invited, this week to BECOME AWARE of, and to DISCIPLINE our thinking accordingly, that the fullness of peace, love, joy and freedom, already within us, might be ours to experience!