Raise The Roof

It has been said, many times, that God can only do for us that which He can do THROUGH us! Essentially, this means that our level of conscious determines how much good we can receive. God’s will is to give ALL good, all the time! However, it is we who limit how much we will experience. This Sunday, Rev. Michael reminds us of the power of faith, as exhibited by the friends of a crippled man, as they raised him to the roof of the building wherein Jesus was teaching, dug through the roof and lowered him. Lesson 1: As long as that roof was there, the crippled man could not be healed. As long as there is a ceiling on our consciousness, WE will remain wanting! Lesson 2: It was the faith of the cripple’s FRIENDS that carried him to his healing. Likewise, WE can BE that faith that our loved ones need, when they are challenged and their faith is weak. Lesson 3: WE can, through faith, change our whole experience–renewing and healing our bodies; rejuvenating and re-energizing our affairs!! We will do this by raising the roof of our own consciousness.

Spiritual Remote Control

Who, with the exception of those living alone, has not, at one time or another, fought for the TV remote? Fought for that CONTROL! There is another remote to which we will direct our attention, this morning; it is our Spiritual Remote Control, inside each and every one of us! First, let’s be aware that we DO have one; that we ARE in complete control of it! WE choose which channels we wish to both experience and re-broadcast! If we don’t like a particular program it is up to US to change the channel! We need not stay stuck on any one particular channel! We are invited to be AWARE as to whether the channel we have chosen is one of Truth or negativity; to be AWARE of its content and its spiritual vibration. We should also check, regularly, to make sure the batteries are charged; or are they running low? It is up to us to keep our Spiritual Remote’s batteries charged with a regular prayer practice, reading and meditating on Truth ideas!! SO, which button do YOU choose, this morning!! Happy channel surfing!


Focused Responsibility

“Life happens!” How many times have we heard THAT line? And, it’s true!! What it misses is the most important part: our response to life “happening” is more important than the actual things that ARE happening! A popular song in Unity is entitled “Our Thoughts Are Prayers.” Our negative reactions to those things in life that go against our wishes become the prayers that attract more of the same! WE, and WE ALONE are responsible for our reactions to daily events!! Our reactions are prayers! WE CHOOSE those reactions, though we may not wish to admit it!! Our choices are prayers! This week we are invited to be conscious of that space between stimulus and response, wherein we MAKE those choices and consider the outcome!! We can choose anger, or we can choose faith! We can choose forgiveness! We can choose peace and harmony! However we choose, God ALWAYS says, “Yes!”

Prospering Penny Power

“Find a penny, pick it up and all day long you’ll have good luck!”  We remember this rhyme from childhood with an inner smile at our innocence as children. However, it is truer than we realize!! Unity’s Tracey Street church started with a single penny, given in jest. Charles Fillmore, however took it and blessed it!! He realized that the penny is but an inanimate object. Yet, the IDEA BEHIND it is one of dynamic power; that of unlimited prosperity, ever available to us by right of consciousness! We increase our prosperity through a number of ways, the first being faith—that is IS ours, as children of the Most High! We increase it through gratitude for that which is manifest in our lives, NOW. And, we increase it through SHARING, in which we become the inlet and the outlet of God’s divine idea; an idea which WILL MANIFEST according to our willingness to live and act in harmony with Spiritual LAW!!