Palm Sunday

This coming week, which started with Palm Sunday is referred to as both Holy Week and Passion Week. We are invited, as we consider the events revealed in the Bible, to also remember that these stories are OUR stories!! Jesus entrance into Jerusalem was a definite “in your face” affront to the church elite! So, too, the Indwelling Christ Spirit goes against every one of our worldly beliefs! By our attachment to these beliefs, we daily “crucify” the TRUTH that Jesus taught! But, Truth cannot die; it IS! Even as Jesus demonstrated that death is not real, thereby nullifying the original sin of the belief in separation, our indwelling Christ WILL rise above all of our failures. We are invited to take up the “cross” (our responsibility) of nullification of error thought and resurrect our own conscious realization of our oneness with God; with absolute Good, Unconditional Love and Eternal Life! THIS is the TRUE passion inside of us that is waiting to reveal itself!

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