Peace Seeds

As we prepare ourselves to celebrate our awakening to Christ Consciousness, within us–as exemplified by Jesus’ birth, over 2000 years ago,–we turn, this week to PEACE! Though many consider it to be passive, it is, in Truth, a VIBRANT ENERGY which will change our lives for the better! Peace is more than the mere absence of conflict! It is that inner realization that, no matter what is happening in the world around us, we can see above, we can RISE above, in consciousness, to that place where we are untouchable! Peace is the vehicle! We, however, MUST ENGAGE the engine!! We do this, first, by making the conscious decision that we WANT peace! Then, we can, consciously, KNOW our oneness with all Life, KNOW that we are the sole authority in our own life LISTEN to the still small voice for guidance, and BE the light that brings peace into the world around us! As we plant the seeds of peace in our own consciousness, we are opening ourselves and the world to their sweet fruits!

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