Pencils, Ants and Truth

We can learn a lot from nature! Ants, for instance; they always know their goal and work tirelessly toward accomplishing it. They work in harmony with each other. They work relentlessly, sometimes carrying seemingly impossible loads! We can learn from them! The common pencil can teach us lessons, also! It always makes a mark on its target. However, it is always guided by a hand. Sometimes it needs to be sharpened. Its mistakes can be erased! It is the pencil’s interior that does the work. Does this sound like Truth in action? WE, can know our goal of awakening to the Christ within, work tirelessly, in harmony with others on that path, releasing our mistakes, allowing the indwelling hand of God to guide us, sometimes “sharpening” us, until we – radiating the Christ, our True I AM – make our mark on the world!

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