Power Indwelling

We have sometimes used the phrase “Right! It’s all about you!” as an insult!! Surprise!! It is a statement of FACT!! Everything we see, hear, feel is not so much about what is happening, as how we are REACTING!! And, our reactions originate inside of us, born of our deepest subconscious beliefs; some of which are good and others, not-so-good–all of which we can change! We have that power. Unity, since its inception, has taught a metaphysical interpretation of scripture. If we will learn to interpret daily life thusly, seemingly insignificant occurrences can bear wonderful lessons; lessons that will lift us and give us a higher understanding of the truth of our being, our oneness with The One! And, in that wonderful, Christ consciousness, it IS all about us, because it is all inside of us; the power, the love, the intelligence EVERYTHING WE NEED, NOW! Time to LIVE the Truth!!

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