Raise The Roof

It has been said, many times, that God can only do for us that which He can do THROUGH us! Essentially, this means that our level of conscious determines how much good we can receive. God’s will is to give ALL good, all the time! However, it is we who limit how much we will experience. This Sunday, Rev. Michael reminds us of the power of faith, as exhibited by the friends of a crippled man, as they raised him to the roof of the building wherein Jesus was teaching, dug through the roof and lowered him. Lesson 1: As long as that roof was there, the crippled man could not be healed. As long as there is a ceiling on our consciousness, WE will remain wanting! Lesson 2: It was the faith of the cripple’s FRIENDS that carried him to his healing. Likewise, WE can BE that faith that our loved ones need, when they are challenged and their faith is weak. Lesson 3: WE can, through faith, change our whole experience–renewing and healing our bodies; rejuvenating and re-energizing our affairs!! We will do this by raising the roof of our own consciousness.

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