Salmon; Wisdom and Perseverance!

In this life experience, we all have a destination; a work that we are to do. It is born in us from the beginning. We can look to nature to find some of the tools that might help us along this path; take, for instance, the salmon. They hatch high in fresh water rivers, swim downstream and enter the ocean, where they live their lives. When the time comes for them to reproduce, they return to the SAME spot from which they came. So it is that we, coming from Spirit, enter this physical world to live and experience, to learn and grow and then to return to that from which we came, more mature, more compassionate, more loving, of a higher consciousness! This week, we are invited to use those “tools,” learned from the Salmon to make our journey more successful; 1. Be flexible and adapt. 2. Stay observant and hone your senses. 3. Fuel up beforehand. 4. DON’T give up! 5. Make the most of your time. And 6. Keep growing and thriving. Happy swimming!!

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