Why are we here, in this world? This question has puzzled mankind through the ages. The simplest answer might be, “To BE!” “But,” we say, “There HAS to be MORE!” Our own souls are constantly urging us for this mysterious “more!”  To reach any goal, we must know our starting point! This involves self-reflection! We must know the tools at our disposal. We must have a vision of our goal. And, we must be WILLING to WORK toward our envisioned goal! This week, we are given some tools with the invitation to use them  The greatest tool, of course, is the example that Jesus gave of the CHRIST consciousness! As we hold this model in mind, and work to make it a part of our own being, we will grow in its direction! This Sunday, Rev. Michael gives us ten steps we can use in our growth toward emotional — and spiritual — maturity! Invite these steps into your consciousness, as you would invite a friend into your own home!! Make them welcome on a day-to-day basis! Stay, always, in contact with them! And, as any true friend, they will support you in your journey toward Self-Maturity!!

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