Soul-Coloring Thoughts

Each of us, aware or unaware, is an artist, painting our consciousness on the canvass of our lives! As Jesus rose from the tomb, on Easter, He had a choice, before him, that being what would He do next; how would he use the experience to raise mankind to His knowingness of Truth–of SELF! Through His teachings, he had already painted a Spiritual canvass which has been passed down through the centuries. With his words, “Follow Me,” we were given the very same task; that of painting a canvass of Love, Truth, Harmony, Life! The thoughts we hold in mind will be the colors we will choose! And, the colors/thoughts we choose will, in turn, attract harmonizing, complimentary colors and thoughts! The choice is ours! Through our God-given power of Creativity, we WILL CREATE–and we WILL LIVE our own creation; the PERFECT PICTURE of our own individual consciousness.

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