Soul Paradoxes

An old time song began, “I(s you is, or is you ain’t…” When it  comes to the soul, the answer is “YES!” Or, perhaps, “N0!” AT THE SAME TIME!! Our Soul is ONE with God, Original Cause. AND, it is our individualization–that which separates and makes us unique, different from anybody else! What has been attributed to Jesus’ words, but is actually based on a prayer which he taught–“In the world, but not of it”–again, might explain our “Beingness” in a more easily understood way. We are here but for a time, yet, we are Eternal Beings! We are physical being, yet we are SPIRIT! We are invited to use our time here, to search deep within and bring that realization of what we are as limitless, timeless, ever-powerful sons and daughters of the most high, to the forefront of our thinking and act FROM THAT TRUTH, in all that we say and do!

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