Spiritual Trust

How many of us have said–or heard–at some time, “I just wish I had his/her faith!!” Truth is; we already have all the faith we will EVER NEED. The question is: In what, in whom are we putting our faith, our TRUST? When we analyze ourselves, we realize: 1. We trust gravity to keep us on the ground, or put us there, if we fall, and several other “natural” laws. 2. We trust God, however only in SOME things; to some degree! God’s first law is of order! When we realize that ALL of life is based upon LAW, we start that process of learning to trust. When we realize that God is all in all and therefore all that WE are, the ability to trust ourselves is born!! In the remembrance of our Divinity, we are learning to seek not in the world, but within for everything! We are learning to relax into a NEW KIND of Trust–a CERTAINTY–that Christ, indwelling, our TRUE I AM is always present, always available, always aware,  and ALWAYS eager to heal, prosper and bless us!!

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