Spiritual Volunteering

How many times have we sat–on a hill, perhaps, or riding in the car–wondering, “WHY am I HERE?!!” When we remember that we are God’s own emanation of Self, the answer is clear! We are here to DO and to BE that which GOD IS! “And, just HOW,” you may ask, “do I do THAT?!” We are told, most often, Biblically and through life experiences–if we have eyes to see–that God is LOVE! Not that sweet FEELING thing, but that which works to better our world, and the lives of those we touch! Volunteering is one form of love and includes, but is not limited to, those things we do for our church or our children’s school. It is also those little passing things; holding a door for somebody else, picking up a neighbors mail, or walking their dog for them, that express what we are, truly, here to be: God’s Love!

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