Sunday of Palms

When we interpret Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, metaphysically, we see ourselves! We think of Jesus, of Christianity as a “silver bullet” that will make everything OKAY–La-dee-dah! But, wait! There is much to be done on OUR part!! His words, “Follow me,” meant more than simply going to church on Sundays to praise Him and worshiping Him as our Savior! In following, WE are to discipline our thoughts and words and actions, accordingly! WE are to recognize our own divinity! WE become the guardians over our own consciousness! When we succumb to negativity, or anger, or judgement, we are actually crucifying our own indwelling Christ-consciousness. Then we are surprised when our world becomes dark. The Good News is that the Christ cannot be killed, and if we are willing to make those necessary changes of attitude, it WILL rise again from that dark tomb within us and raise US out of our own self-made misery! Even BETTER news is that our champion is ever waiting inside of us to HELP us–the Christ-Consciousness of Jesus; He who personified it!


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