Sunday Audio Files

Sunday Audio Files

Pearls of Life

In the book of Job, we are told that the acquisition of wisdom is above that of pearls. He was speaking of how all other jewels or precious metals are derived from the earth. However, from whence is Wisdom derived? Only from the indwelling Christ! We have to go within ourselves (open the oyster–which sometimes can be very difficult) and extract it (the pearl of wisdom). When we do — when we allow the pearl of our indwelling Christ come forth — it will shine with a radiance like none other, lighting our way and blessing every area of our lives.

Finding Truth in Peas

Just as one pea pod contains many peas within, so the body of Christ contains many – in fact ALL – of us! However, we are taught that we are separate, from the time we are little children. We are invited, this week, to UNLEARN this belief in separation that we may enter into, and express, the Truth of our being! As necessary, irreplaceable and UNITED aspects of the One Whole, we have within us all that the One (Christ) is! Let us live it by allowing it to live us!

Old West Wisdom

Today, we are invited to remember, and compare ourselves to cowboys and cowgirls of the old west. We, too, are riding the range; the range of life! We hold the reins. The horse goes where WE direct it! It goes how fast or slow WE direct it. There are a lot of unknowns out on the range; some of them dangerous. Are we willing to leave the security of the stable, saddle up, and ride, KNOWING that as we ride according to principle, Spiritual Law rides with us? It will be there every step of the way, guiding, protecting and urging us onward!

A Time For Everything

Seems we all – at some time or other – fight time, itself, rather than making it our friend! We may either think we have too much or not enough of it! Forgetting that we are the Christ, we get caught up in error thinking and then our thoughts manifest in our experiences. The key is self-discovery! When we take time (there’s that word, again) to do those things that lead to self-discovery; the realization of our Christ-hood, we use time to our advantage and we control how we fill each moment, using it for our sacred purpose.

Do Something Great

Today, we are invited to use the month of October to do something great; not for the church, not for our country, or even the world, but for ourselves! We can only give/do that which we have/are! We are invited to 1. Analyze ourselves (take inventory), noting our stronger and weaker areas, 2. Re-investigate past events and 3. Take actions that will raise us past the self-deprecating thoughts and beliefs that led to negative circumstances. We are the creators of our experiences in life; our every thought is a prayer. By guarding our thoughts and directing them in ways that are in harmony with Truth, we will see Principle do miraculous things! Happy October!

Tangerines and Truth

How might tangerines be compared to consciousness? The fruit in it’s entirety, holds many inner parts that aren’t seen until we peel the skin away. Those inner sections represent our hidden thoughts, ideas, beliefs (true or false), etc. We find we are both the tree AND the gardener, responsible for watering, nurturing, pruning and harvesting the fruit. How we handle this responsibility is up to us. We are invited to choose wisely.

Soul Triggers & Resilience

When it comes to our individual states of consciousness, each of us is the owner, the manager, the CEO or whatever other name you wish to use; in other words the BOSS, the LAST WORD! “The buck stops here!” While most of us usually tend to go around with a smile on our face, inside, it can be a different story. We can — sometimes in the most unexpected moments — get triggered. Our invitation, this week, is to look for, find and heal these triggers! We are invited to forgive ourselves for those self-limiting beliefs that lay raw under the surface, just waiting. We are invited to create a NEW self-image based on Truth!

Pencils, Ants and Truth

We can learn a lot from nature! Ants, for instance; they always know their goal and work tirelessly toward accomplishing it. They work in harmony with each other. They work relentlessly, sometimes carrying seemingly impossible loads! We can learn from them! The common pencil can teach us lessons, also! It always makes a mark on its target. However, it is always guided by a hand. Sometimes it needs to be sharpened. Its mistakes can be erased! It is the pencil’s interior that does the work. Does this sound like Truth in action? WE, can know our goal of awakening to the Christ within, work tirelessly, in harmony with others on that path, releasing our mistakes, allowing the indwelling hand of God to guide us, sometimes “sharpening” us, until we – radiating the Christ, our True I AM – make our mark on the world!

Pray About Everything

Whether we realize it or not we ARE praying about everything; our thoughts, our words and our actions are forms of prayer. Whatever we attach energy to becomes a prayer. The problem is that, forgetting we are the Christ — one with all — we criticize this thing or that person and that prayer becomes OUR experience. Emerson wrote that, “Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.” Now, having lived the lesson of answered prayers of negativity, we can reclaim our Truth, and pray from the knowingness that we are the Christ, children of the Most High, and that all Good is ours this moment. All we have to do is claim, through prayer, giving praise and thanks, and be open to receiving.

Life-Fire Inside You

We were told by Jesus that we are the “light of the world.” For sure, we are the light of our own world; of our own experiences. It is to this light that we are speaking when we refer to the Life-Fire! Every fire must have fuel to continue burning brightly. If we are to live the lives we wish to live, we must stoke the indwelling fire with thoughts and words of life, love, health and prosperity! We are invited, this week, to be conscious of how we are thinking, of those things we are secretly expecting, etc. Expect the best! Principle works!