Sunday Audio Files

Sunday Audio Files

Pray About Everything

Whether we realize it or not we ARE praying about everything; our thoughts, our words and our actions are forms of prayer. Whatever we attach energy to becomes a prayer. The problem is that, forgetting we are the Christ — one with all — we criticize this thing or that person and that prayer becomes OUR experience. Emerson wrote that, “Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.” Now, having lived the lesson of answered prayers of negativity, we can reclaim our Truth, and pray from the knowingness that we are the Christ, children of the Most High, and that all Good is ours this moment. All we have to do is claim, through prayer, giving praise and thanks, and be open to receiving.

Life-Fire Inside You

We were told by Jesus that we are the “light of the world.” For sure, we are the light of our own world; of our own experiences. It is to this light that we are speaking when we refer to the Life-Fire! Every fire must have fuel to continue burning brightly. If we are to live the lives we wish to live, we must stoke the indwelling fire with thoughts and words of life, love, health and prosperity! We are invited, this week, to be conscious of how we are thinking, of those things we are secretly expecting, etc. Expect the best! Principle works!

The Cosmic Eraser

Everybody makes mistakes. Most of the time, they are inconsequential. Some, however, can last a lifetime, causing both physical, mental and emotional pain. Enter the Cosmic Eraser! This spiritual tool of denial and release can free us from the errant illusions that we have created for ourselves; free us to shine forth in the Truth of our Being, as children of God, living from, and giving of, that strongest, highest, most peaceful and beautiful, of ourselves! This week, we are invited to take it out and use it on those old “not-good-enough,” “it’ll-never-happen-for-me” “I-just-can’t-forgive” thoughts! Time to set ourselves free!!

You’re a Prophet, Priest and King!

A prophet has a message! A priest informs and creates sacred space! And a king/queen reigns in wisdom! You, in this very moment, are your own prophet, priest and king! You are be bearer of the Good News, the creator of that space of receptivity and the executor of the gifts of Spirit. God’s creation is already perfect. The pain and suffering we experience exist only in mind. It was created by our fear of our own divinity! Faith — God’s gift, imparted to you — is already enough! We can and must make the decision to USE it to its fullest! We can accept this higher calling — prophet, priest and king/queen of our own consciousness — and live the Truth of our Being! In so doing, we will be working in partnership with the Most High, our success guaranteed!

Using Energy Currents

Per Abraham (Esther & Jerry Hicks), “As you change the way you feel, you access the Energy that creates worlds.” We attract to ourselves those people, things and circumstances that are in harmony with our energy. If we are unsatisfied with our lives — more importantly, if we dwell in that dissatisfaction — we will continue to draw the same into our experience. However, if we will raise our energy, through visualizing those things we desire as being ours, NOW, and giving thanks NOW (Faith, the conviction of things not seen. –Heb. 11:1), we will be amazed at how efficiently Spirit works to increase our blessings!

Our Christ Impact

The indwelling Christ of our Being shapes our world from the inside out: our “Christ Impact.” So many of us want to change the world, but we can only do that by changing OURSELVES! After all, you can’t give what you do not have. The sum of our thoughts — the ones we revisit and rehash — will manifest in our lives. Most of these thoughts, however, are based in Adam consciousness. It takes time and work and dedication to re-program our thoughts and raise them to that “heaven-on-earth” consciousness we all seek. Leaving all old resentments, fears, if-only’s and woulda-coulda-shoulda’s behind, we can then, and ONLY THEN, be the light that shines out into the world, lighting the way for others! And there will be a new heaven and a new earth, for us and for all!

Please note: the August 11 and 18th podcasts will be delayed until yours truly returns from vacation! Thank you for your patience!

The Daffodil Principle

The common cry, in today’s world seems to be, “I want it, and I want it now!” However, a field of daffodils, planted, one at a time over the span of may years by ONE woman, vividly shows the beauty that willingness, dedication and persistence will yield. The beauty had been in each buld, but it took some work to bring it into manifestation. We are encouraged, this week, to be aware that our thoughts — good and not-so-good — are like those bulbs, or like seeds, if you wish. When we plant them in consciousness and tend them consistently (re-thinking, repeatedly), they will bring forth first the blossom and then the fruit.

A Sparklng Christ Path

All roads lead to the light. We get to choose; the straight and narrow (Christ path), or the crooked, bumpy thorn-filled path (the scenic route)! How do we know how to choose? There are two ways; one through experience and the other through living the Truth that we are taught. Our life experiences will give the clues as to which path we’re on! Disharmony, illness, lack and limitation, etc., lie on the path of learning through experience. Health, abundance, peace and freedom, joy and harmony await on the Christ Path. This week, we are invited to live the Truth, watching every thought, word and action that they may be in harmony with our highest good.

Living Larger

We are chosen to be the Christ Presence in the world! (Eph. 1:4) However, our expression of this all-perfect Christ Presence that we are can only be as big as our idea/understanding. We are, in a way, like goldfish; they may range from a couple of inches to a foot or more in length–depending solely on the size of the pool in which they swim! We “swim” through life, in the manner and to the extent of the “pool” of consciousness we construct for ourselves! We are invited, this week to expand our ideas of self, of God, and of our divine relationship with the One, All-In-All.

Cultivating Self Trust

Made in the image and likeness of God, we all have an inner, higher self that is the True emanation of the Most High; full of wisdom, strength and everything we need to live life to its fullest. But, in order to access the gifts of this Self, that we are in Truth, we must get to know It. We must learn how it works! “But, HOW?” you may ask. One way is to observe our lives, looking for patterns. Our thoughts, words and feelings always express in our surroundings and experiences. Change these thoughts, etc., and we change our worlds! The visible and the invisible are connected. As we put our attention on things of beauty; nature, music, loving family and friends, we raise our vibration, thereby attracting to ourselves ever higher experiences and ever higher expression of the Christ of our Being! A Self we can TRULY TRUST!