Sunday Audio Files

Sunday Audio Files

A Satisfying Life

Everything we need for a satisfying, fulfilling, abundant life awaits right inside of us! That we look outside of ourselves says that we really don’t know who and what we are, or our relationship with the All-In-All; I AM! We will experience life, according to our habitual mental choices; thoughts, words, feelings – and those memories we choose to relive! We can change these habits, replacing the not-so-pleasant ones with others that will enable us to experience the health, joy, freedom peace and love that we brought into this world, within us. The way is clear! No need to wait! Seek first the Kingdom! Here! Now! Inside!

Why Not You?

“Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway.” Actor John Wayne gave us this bit of truth! There are so many wonderful things waiting to be discovered, to be experienced by those with the courage to step into the unknown! What stops us from living the health, abundance, freedom and joy which are all part of who and what we are? One thing: Fear! Fear has been described as “False Evidence Appearing Real.” This week we are invited to hear and heed our own souls’ urging to, “Go forth! Live! Be! Rejoice in your oneness with the All In All!” It’s waiting for everybody! Why not you?

Yes, It’s Possible

As we enter the Lenten season, we look forward to our own overcoming, our own resurrection out of past error thoughts and beliefs. We are called, now to examine and evaluate these beliefs to determine whether they are still in accord with our spiritual unfoldment! We will need to replace them with ideas and beliefs that are more in accord with the Truth of our Being! Yes, it can be a big job, depending on where we are in consciousness, but it IS possible! We can, on Easter, come out of the tomb of our error thinking into the light of Truth, where lies all good, radiant health, opulent prosperity and eternal life!

Become a Christ Magnet

Whether we know it or not, we are ALL magnets; attracting and repelling (positive & negative posts) according to our individual states of consciousness. So, the question becomes, “What do we wish to attract? To repel?” Our own souls will answer this question according to those things on which we dwell! If we choose to dwell on past hurts, grievances, our own magnetic nature will draw those same types of circumstances into our lives. If we choose to keep our attention focused on things of beauty, harmony, joy, by the same principle, we will attract more of the same. We can train our minds in the right direction through prayer, meditation and study! When we focus on the indwelling Christ and all the attributes thereof; on the Truth of our being, we become magnets for all that is good and pleasing and joy-filled.

Who’s Packing Your Parachute?

We can spend our lives fighting what is, wondering who we are and why we’re here, or we can really live life, being present for each precious moment, opening ourselves to its gifts. The more we truly understand ourselves – our oneness with life and each other – the more we will come to trust That which emanates in and through and as us and know our true purpose! We will gain a deeper appreciation for those who are on this same path, helping us along!

Liberate Your Imagination

Everything that exists is but the manifestation of a mental picture, brought into expression by the power of the imagination! Each and every one of us has four endowments: self-awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate freedom; the power to choose or respond to conditions. However, if we are not careful, many of our choices can be based on 1. previous experiences, or 2. on what we see in the manifest world (imagination used in reverse or third-dimensional illusion). This week, we are invited to use this most wonderful creative power to see ever greater possibilities and to “experience” them, even before their manifestation! For, if we can see them in consciousness (our imagination), they truly already ARE!

A Positive Truth Avalanche

If you’ve ever seen an avalanche, you know how much power they wield! They sweep away everything in their path! As they sweep down the mountainside, they gain in momentum, and in volume until nothing can withstand their force. Now, imagine doing something like this in consciousness! Start with a Truth thought and set it in motion! Feed it and watch it grow until it is like that avalanche, destroying every error thought in its path! Imagine the impact on your life: you finances, your relationships and your health!! True, it can be a scary thing! However, if you have the courage to start the Truth rolling, in consciousness, you will be amazed at how wonderful your life will be when the “surge” settles! There, in the quiet, you will behold a whole new – beautiful, magnificent, pristine – world! You! Born anew!

Emotional Truth Scales

Sometimes, we may want certain material things which we think will give us happiness. However, we must match their manifestation energetically, first. We must live in peace, love, joy, gratitude, etc., in order to manifest their material counterparts! Life happens, as they say. However, it is our emotional reaction to it that determines our how our life will proceed, at any given moment. We can make peace, love, joy, acceptance and/or gratitude our “go-to” emotion(s) – much the same as a computer has a default – regardless of appearances. Then, like that computer, Life will display, on its monitor, which we call life, that which was already ours.

An Amplius Life

As Children of God, Emanations of the One All in All, we have inherited limitless, eternal life! This week we are asked to take a moment to pause and ask ourselves “How much” of this limitless gift are we enjoying, thus far? How much Love? How much Health? How much Prosperity? It’s all ours! However, Spirit can only do for us according to what it can do THROUGH and AS us! We are invited to take time to pray, affirming the TRUTH of our being Emma Curtis Hopkins suggested that we pray The Lord’s Prayer 15 times a day for 15 days! (Having done this, the writer experienced a profound awakening)  And we are invited to meditate, opening up our consciousness that God might pour into our lives every good gift — without fail and without limit!

My Soul: A Living Rock!

We come into this world with a soul/life-plan: the expression of Truth. Everything we experience is aimed at its accomplishment. Our part is to discern and implement, bringing into expression, the execution of our personal soul-plan! To do this, we must be willing to rise above and surpass present understandings and capabilities. The part our soul plays is that of a steadfast rock on which we can stand, undaunted by the winds of chance, of obstruction, of fear or self-doubt; knowing we are unconditionally loved and supported. This week, we are each invited to partner with our soul, in the fulfillment of our divine purpose!