Sunday Video & Audio Files

Sunday Video & Audio Files

Psalm 91

In these days of worldly uncertainty, there is always that ONE to whom we can turn for comfort, clarity, refuge! Psalm 91 is one of the most often cited books in the Bible! It shows the way to that peace beyond all understanding which we are all seeking at this time!


Only as we shine the light that we are, in Truth, can we light the way for others; as we allow ourselves to express the Indwelling Christ, can we become a lifeboat for others, and only as we live the Love that we are can we raise ourselves and others to new heights of greater understanding, peace and joy. It begins with us!

The Law of Nonresistance

There’s a saying, “What you resist persists.” Resistance is a refusal to accept something. The misunderstanding of non-resistance comes when it is thought to mean acceptance of unacceptable behavior. TRUE nonresistance ACCEPTS THE FACT that a behavior is unacceptable (but does not demand we accept/allow the behavior to continue)! True nonresistance saves us the suffering of arguing with reality, and allows us to live life on life’s terms, in the flow of our own indwelling guidance, peace and harmony.

Courage To Be

We are told, in John 16:33, “…In this world, you will have tribulations…” These can be a source of great fear. Courage is the ability to walk through fear as opposed to the absence of it. As the image of the Most High, courage is part of our makeup. However, we must be willing to allow that courage to express in the midst of our challenges. Courage is based on faith! We need not look without for those things which God has placed in us from the beginning. As we learn to live the Truth of our being, of our oneness with God, it is courage that will lift us to ever higher expressions of the indwelling Christ, and tribulations will turn into opportunities!!

Prayer Revisited

Seek ye first the Kingdom! This is what prayer is always about! Whatever else we think we want, in Truth, it is always some manifestation of the Kingdom! Prayer is the key that opens the door. Charles Fillmore called it “the most highly accelerated mind action known!” Through it, we don’t change God, but rather, seek realignment with Divine Mind! When we say, as did Jesus, “Thy will be done,” we are opening ourselves up to greater good than we, in our human consciousness, can conceive! Welcome to the Kingdom of Heaven!!

God-Self Adoration

As we awaken to our divinity, as we come to realize that God is living us; that we are part of God and everything that He is lives within us, how can we NOT fall in love with – not ADORE – this God-Self that we are, in Truth? How can we NOT live with the most passionate desire to express the beauty, love, strength; the GLORY that we are, as the image and likeness of the Most High? St. Athanasius said, “God became man so that man might become God.” Let our life be a living prayer that God might glorify Himself in and through and as us!!