Sunday Video & Audio Files

Sunday Video & Audio Files

Spiritual Volunteering

How many times have we sat–on a hill, perhaps, or riding in the car–wondering, “WHY am I HERE?!!” When we remember that we are God’s own emanation of Self, the answer is clear! We are here to DO and to BE that which GOD IS! “And, just HOW,” you may ask, “do I do THAT?!” We are told, most often, Biblically and through life experiences–if we have eyes to see–that God is LOVE! Not that sweet FEELING thing, but that which works to better our world, and the lives of those we touch! Volunteering is one form of love and includes, but is not limited to, those things we do for our church or our children’s school. It is also those little passing things; holding a door for somebody else, picking up a neighbors mail, or walking their dog for them, that express what we are, truly, here to be: God’s Love!

Soul Salt

Salt has been used, since ancient times, to: 1. Purify, 2. Preserve, and 3. Flavor. “So, what,” you may ask, “does that have to do with my SOUL?” First, the Word of Truth, purifies our thinking, our consciousness; as we keep our thoughts and words centered in Truth, we are PURIFYING our souls. This–to jump ahead a little–FLAVORS our lives with such things as health, happiness, prosperity, and a close, harmonious relationship with God and our world. And, who wouldn’t want these things. Lastly, Truth PRESERVES these blessings! As we learn to make it our daily mission to LIVE the Truth we know, we develop new pathways in our thinking that will become more steadfast, automatic and, as the Bible promises, will set us free!

Job’s Spiritual Dilemma

As all other characters in the Bible, Job represents something inside of each and every one of US! His story is the oldest Jewish Scripture in the Bible. WE–on some level–are Job! WE will–as will all in this life–suffer difficulties and losses! However, it is our RESPONSE to life’s challenges which will determine our path, going forward! Job refused to take the low road, in spite of his losses and in spite of the urging of others! He remained TRUE to his faith in God, and all that he had lost was restored! Read that last phrase, again! All that he had was restored! Again, Job is US! When we stand steadfastly in faith, amidst the storms, we WILL see the rainbow and the clearing of the clouds!

Labor Day

Seems it’s everywhere; TV, Internet, Etc., they are trying to sell you by “giving” you something for “free!” However, in the end–if you buy into their pitch–you wind up paying! There are NO free rides! Not on a material level nor on a spiritual one! We MUST, in some way, pay for those things we desire! As we celebrate the common worker that built our wonderful country, this Labor Day, we celebrate that strength, their determination, and their willingness to give of themselves to a cause bigger than SELF. As we honor them, let us honor our own God-given purpose for BEING in this world: that of expressing–BEING–the Love of God, the Goodness of God and the ONENESS of the ONE ALL-IN-ALL!


Spirit; Daily Dosage

Ever hear; “Take an aspirin and call me in the morning”? Let’s face it! The world can only offer temporary relief for our ills–physical, mental, financial or otherwise! The only CURE lies with Spirit! However, we can USE our challenges as wake-up calls! They can be indicators of those areas where we need spiritual healing and/or those areas where we simply need to be more attentive to our spiritual lives. Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, and we will do well to learn to listen to them–especially on that spiritual level–in addition to caring for and honoring them. The TRUE Rx for our ills–both physical, mental, relations and finances is–you guessed it–SPIRIT! We all need a daily dose of prayer, meditation and gratitude for all that Spirit is in us and as us and all it does through us!

Awareness Tools

If you’ve ever watched the game show, “Chain Reaction,” you will SEE how one word leads to another and to another until, at the end of the chain, two seemingly unrelated words are actually joined! This is a perfect, non-metaphysical example of how our thoughts can lead to outcomes totally unrecognizable, UNLESS we have the AWARENESS to see and trace back to our original error–or Truth–thought! This week, we are given some tools to remind us of the power of our thoughts and how they CONTINUE to influence our lives–for good or not-so-good! We can, however, GUARD our thoughts if we will REMAIN AWARE that they WILL produce after their kind!

Talents Parable

Any weightlifter, or other athlete, will tell you, “Use it or lose it!” Of all the parables in the bible, and there are many, the one of the Talents gives the best example of this timeless Truth! If we don’t exercise our body on a daily basis, it slowly loses its capabilities which, at one time, we took for granted! This is also true, on a spiritual basis! We cannot ignore our spiritual practices and expect our CONSCIOUS CONNECTION with the INFINITE to be strong, when we most need it! Jesus called us to “keep” his words; or, to make them our OWN, to USE them (i.e., “I Am in the Father and the Father is in me.”)! In doing so, on a daily basis, we raise and maintain our consciousness and our lives above that of those strictly worldly beliefs that keep us in sickness, poverty and unhappiness to that of KNOWING our oneness with the ONE, and participating in the riches thereof.

Soul Pep Talk

We are told, every day in Unity, how a positive state of mind (our choice) will improve our life experiences! All very good! But, HOW do we MAINTAIN this state, in the face of daily personal and world challenges? Sometimes, we just need to give ourselves a GOOD OLD PEP TALK! Our teachings give us those tools we can use, on a daily basis! This week, we are invited to pick these tools up and USE THEM! We are reminded that WE have the authority–and the POWER–to accept or change any and every thought that crosses our mind! If we will accept this invitation, we will be able to turn challenges into blessings, small blessings into large and large blessings into GREAT! The choice is ours!


Truth, as taught by Unity, has given us many skills to use in this walk we call life! But to use them effectively, we must understand them! Our teachings are based on a “Metaphysical,” (meaning above/beyond the physical) interpretation of the Bible. Jesus was referring to this when He said we were to worship in “spirit and in truth” (John 4:24). One of the definitions of spirit is MIND, and it is in our use of mind that we create–for good, or not so good. We are invited, this week to be aware of our power AS creators and to use those tools available to us, as such, to our highest good, and that of our world.


Though many of us might like to, we are not here to change the world! Rather, we must change OURSELVES, if we are to be able to experience life differently. Those things we desire are a good place to start, as they are telling us, in a round-about way, what we are lacking inside: self-love, self-worth, or perhaps, things like patience, understanding, strength, and FAITH! We are constantly radiating that which we ARE! And that energy returns to us in like manner–even though we may not recognize it as such. As we turn our ATTENTION to God, to Spirit, Indwelling, that eternal gift of peace will envelope and become part of who and what we are! Contained in that peace are health, happiness, gratitude, joy, prosperity and freedom! As we give/radiate THESE out, they will return a hundred-fold! After all, you can never out-give God!!