Sunday Video & Audio Files

Sunday Video & Audio Files

White Stone: New Me

On the first Sunday of the New Year, Unity Way, traditionally does a White Stone Ceremony, wherein each congregant writes their new “name” on a stone from Israel; a name that can signify something they wish to attain, to be, to give in the coming year. This tradition is based on many varying traditions, historically; all of which, however, signify a transformation of some kind. With this ceremony, we are invited to reinvent ourselves, our lives, our goals, our beliefs as to who and what we are and why we are here. We are invited to keep this stone close as a reminder of this new direction, as we go forth to bless the world.

Renunciation: Absolute Peace

As we approach the New Year we all have the opportunity to ask ourselves, “Will this be a Happy New Year, or the Same Old Year, Repeated?” We are invited to take a look at, recognize and release those thoughts, feelings, beliefs or whatever that no longer serve us. If we are spending our time and our life energy on these things, we are cheating ourselves out of the conscious awareness of the love, joy, health, prosperity and absolute good which are our inheritance from Spirit! Our sacred, but simple, burning bowl ceremony gives us the opportunity to participate in a physical act that out-pictures this process of release. Then, cleansed of the old consciousness, we can step into the fresh, new energy of Absolute Good. Happy New Year!

A Living Peace

As we celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus, we are reminded that all of the wonderful qualities and powers He brought in with Him, we have also, within us! Christmas isn’t just a season, nor is it just a day, but rather it is a re-awakening, within, to our own divinity; a re-dedication to those principles Jesus lived and taught. Later, during His ministry, he bid us to FOLLOW Him. In so doing, as we become aware of those twelve spiritual powers with which we are born, and become dedicated to developing and living them on a day-to-day basis, we are truly celebrating Christmas every day of the year.

A Joy Mind

Joy, that illusive “something” that we–in error–seek to find “out there,” awaits each of us, within! We can call it into expression, inserting it into every situation or experience! We have but to realize that it is an intrinsic part of our very being! What we fail to realize is that joy is not something static; it must be expressed, spread, given away to BE! And, this giving, expressing, spreading is a choice that we get to make each and every moment of the day! So how do we do this? By LIVING the joy we ARE! When we do this, we will radiate it, as the sun radiates light, warming, giving life to all who come within its aura. Mother Teresa said, “One filled with joy preaches without preaching.” We are invited, this Advent week, to get out there and spread some JOY!!


We are told, “Love therefore is the fulfillment of the law.” –Rom 13:10. You may ask, “What law?” The law above all others, that states that we shall receive as we give. This does not only refer to those around us, but to that which we do; our work, our play, our creative endeavors! If we do them with love they will blossom forth! However, before we can GIVE love we must HAVE it; we must first learn to love ourselves; this includes respecting ourselves, taking care of ourselves and being willing to strive to express the Truth of our being! It can also mean being open to the simple pleasures of the world! Charles Schulz says, “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

Mapping Peace

A map is an important tool in getting us where we wish to go. It can come in many forms; an atlas, a road map, or a street map of some particular city. Or, it can be in spiritual form; the divine idea of peace. We often think of peace as a destination. However, there is no WAY TO peace; peace IS THE WAY. As part of what we are, peace can be our guide, our map, our way-shower to health, prosperity, loving relationships, fulfillment of whatever desires we hold in our hearts. This peace which is part of our very nature does not mean that there will be no storms; it means that we will be the calm center in the midst of any storm.

Faith: Innovation For The Better

This first Sunday of Advent, we are invited to celebrate the indwelling spiritual power of Faith. It is the perceiving power of the mind linked with the power to shape substance. It is the spiritual assurance of that which is yet unseen and/or the seemingly impossible. We are invited to LIVE our faith on a moment-to-moment, daily basis, thereby strengthening it. We are invited to be conscious of how we are using, thereby learning how to direct it in ways that will be in harmony with our highest good.

Too Precious to Waste

Every goal, if worth while, is going to require of us a number of things; a sense of purpose, a willingness to take risks and a determination to reach that goal one step at a time! Time!! It can pass quickly or ever so slowly, depending on circumstances and our state of mind. It can be our perceived enemy, (Oh, my God! I’ll never make that meeting on time!) or our best friend (Thank you God! One second sooner and we’d have had an accident!). We are invited, this week to learn to USE it fruitfully and with skill, to VALUE it, for it is one of the greatest gifts, here in this world, and to FILL it with those things which will enrich our lives and the lives of others.

Divine Gratitude

All cultures, worldwide, have some celebration of gratitude. Of all the differences that would seem to separate us, this is one of the things that we commonly share! We can look around us at the world, and be grateful for many things; family, friends, health, prosperity. However, whether we know it or not, gratitude is a choice. It is not dependent upon circumstances. We can be grateful, even in times of challenge — and yes, even grateful for the challenge, itself! Gratitude opens us up to ever expanding Good — the more we express it, the more the universe will give us for which to be grateful!

Reality of Change: Reprogramming

Change is inevitable. The only question is HOW will we change? The mind operates very much, like a computer, on “default programs;” certain sets of ideas, beliefs and reactions to which we repeatedly turn, in the face of differing situations. This week, we are invited to “reprogram” our minds from the programs on which we are operating; to change from the ego consciousness program (anger, fear, regret) to that of the Christ Consciousness (faith, joy, health & prosperity). We are invited to act not in response to the world of effects, but from the knowingness of our oneness with God! And, As we do, we can be sure, CHANGE will come! It will be INEVITABLE!!