Sunday Audio Files

Sunday Audio Files

Love’s Web

The universe might be described as a giant web – each part connected in some way to another. Though not physical, these connections are energetic, and herein we realize the law of Attraction. Love is the power or energy that holds galaxies, planets, all matter, down to the atomic level, together. It is what we ARE! We are invited, this week to express this Divine Love of which we are made and in which we live and move and have our being. We are invited to become conscious of it and live FROM it; to BE the Holy I AM, made manifest; one with the One which is ALL IN ALL.

Easter: Happy Resurrection Morning

The story of Jesus’ resurrection is the center point of Christianity – more so, even, than that of His birth. Metaphysically, it is the story of our own resurrection from the tomb of error thought! For Jesus, it took three days. For us, who haven’t attained His state of consciousness, it is a continuing process. However, the end result, Jesus showed us, is to be the same! Life! Life as we were truly created to be, filled with, and expressing, the glory with which God created us.

Walking Divinity

As we celebrate Holy Week, let’s remember that, though this is Jesus’ story, historically, it is also OUR story, metaphysically! Jesus represents the Indwelling Christ Spirit in us; the donkey is our ego, on which we must ride, controlling where it goes; the crowd represents our higher “thought children,” recognizing and praising the Truth of our Being, and the pharisees, that part of ourselves which does not want to give up our old erroneous ways. Our mission here in this life is to recognize and LIVE this Truth in everything we think, say and do! We ARE Walking (talking, living, etc.) Divinity!

Our Golden Inner Self

There is a seed which was planted within us from the beginning; the Christ seed. This seed, when we become aware of its presence within; when we take the time and exert the effort to nurture it, will grow into health, abundance, freedom, love and joy! However, we must be willing to release the old negative thinking habits and CHANGE! This week we are invited to do just that! We are invited to have the COURAGE to change, the WILLINGNESS to change and the FORTITUDE to KEEP changing until we get it right; until we taste the sweet fruits of that Divine Christ seed within each and every one of us!!

Habits, Like Slippers

Remember that last pair of slippers you bought? At first they just didn’t feel right. Then, slowly, they became SO wonderfully comfortable. Now, they’re showing some wear; maybe it’s time to replace them! Habits are like those slippers! To be noted: Not all habits are bad, however some can yield to even BETTER ones! This Lenten season, we are focusing on creating some new habits; ones that will manifest richer, more meaningful experiences in life. We are invited to release those habits that no longer serve us: resentment, self-condemnation, judgement or whatever falls short of the Truth of our being. These new habits-in-the-making may seem strange, at first, and not all that comfortable. However, if we will steadfastly work at establishing ourselves in their practice, we will enjoy an Easter awakening/rebirth beyond our expectations!

A Satisfying Life

Everything we need for a satisfying, fulfilling, abundant life awaits right inside of us! That we look outside of ourselves says that we really don’t know who and what we are, or our relationship with the All-In-All; I AM! We will experience life, according to our habitual mental choices; thoughts, words, feelings – and those memories we choose to relive! We can change these habits, replacing the not-so-pleasant ones with others that will enable us to experience the health, joy, freedom peace and love that we brought into this world, within us. The way is clear! No need to wait! Seek first the Kingdom! Here! Now! Inside!

Why Not You?

“Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway.” Actor John Wayne gave us this bit of truth! There are so many wonderful things waiting to be discovered, to be experienced by those with the courage to step into the unknown! What stops us from living the health, abundance, freedom and joy which are all part of who and what we are? One thing: Fear! Fear has been described as “False Evidence Appearing Real.” This week we are invited to hear and heed our own souls’ urging to, “Go forth! Live! Be! Rejoice in your oneness with the All In All!” It’s waiting for everybody! Why not you?

Yes, It’s Possible

As we enter the Lenten season, we look forward to our own overcoming, our own resurrection out of past error thoughts and beliefs. We are called, now to examine and evaluate these beliefs to determine whether they are still in accord with our spiritual unfoldment! We will need to replace them with ideas and beliefs that are more in accord with the Truth of our Being! Yes, it can be a big job, depending on where we are in consciousness, but it IS possible! We can, on Easter, come out of the tomb of our error thinking into the light of Truth, where lies all good, radiant health, opulent prosperity and eternal life!

Become a Christ Magnet

Whether we know it or not, we are ALL magnets; attracting and repelling (positive & negative posts) according to our individual states of consciousness. So, the question becomes, “What do we wish to attract? To repel?” Our own souls will answer this question according to those things on which we dwell! If we choose to dwell on past hurts, grievances, our own magnetic nature will draw those same types of circumstances into our lives. If we choose to keep our attention focused on things of beauty, harmony, joy, by the same principle, we will attract more of the same. We can train our minds in the right direction through prayer, meditation and study! When we focus on the indwelling Christ and all the attributes thereof; on the Truth of our being, we become magnets for all that is good and pleasing and joy-filled.

Who’s Packing Your Parachute?

We can spend our lives fighting what is, wondering who we are and why we’re here, or we can really live life, being present for each precious moment, opening ourselves to its gifts. The more we truly understand ourselves – our oneness with life and each other – the more we will come to trust That which emanates in and through and as us and know our true purpose! We will gain a deeper appreciation for those who are on this same path, helping us along!