Sunday Video & Audio Files

Sunday Video & Audio Files

Unconditioned Release

How many times have we heard the phrase, “Let go and let God”? Or, “Let God be God in you”? When we release our sense-consciousness based definition of ourselves, we open up to a universe of possibilities! So, why is it — seemingly — so hard to let go? In Truth, it is not!! Myrtle Fillmore used the power of release to heal herself, as did her husband, Charles. Through the power of release, we not only heal the past perceived wounds, but we free ourselves to truly live in the eternal NOW! It is here that we find beauty, health, happiness, prosperity; all that God has been waiting to express in and through and as us!

Christmas Gifts

Every story in the Bible is OUR story! As we celebrate Christmas with its many gifts, let us remember the greatest gift of all! God in us! The Christmas story is the story of the birth of Christ in US, from the beginning! The Christmas story is the story of our awakening to this Truth of Christ in us! Jesus symbolizes the first fruits of those among us who are coming out of mortal into a spiritual understanding of God and our relationship to the Most High! It comes with the responsibility to use this gift of Divinity, within, to the highest of our understanding, to give of it as it expresses as talents and abilities, love and joy, all the many gifts of Spirit. Merry Christmas!! Blessings!

The Joy Factor

Joy is part of who we are! Yet, at times, we may seek it in the outer world, only to be disappointed that it is either not to be found or doesn’t meet our expectations or lasts only briefly! When we learn to turn within, to the indwelling Christ, we will find joy that is not determined by other people, world happenings, or any other outer conditions. It is always waiting, always ready to shine forth in and through and as us! It never fades, never fails, never falters! It is part of who we are, as the Christ of God. Eternal joy is our divine inheritance!

Transformative Love

As the popular song goes, “Love, love changes everything!” The coming of the Messiah that we celebrate in Advent is the coming of Divine, Transformative Love, which Jesus embodied, lived and personified. It is a love that is not defined by conditions, personalities, likes or dislikes nor events, but rather is universal, eternal, within all loving all, unconditional, all-powerful. It is a Divine Idea born in us from the beginning! It is the fulfillment of the Law! When we seek, accept and celebrate its presence within us, it will change our individual lives and radiate out to change the world.

The Power of Shalom

The word “Shalom,” in Hebrew was either a greeting or a good-bye and literally, meant “Peace!” Before any healing can take place there must be peace! We, however at times, think we have to wait until the world looks right, feels right – is acting as we think it should – to feel peace. This is a mistake! Peace lies within us all the time, in every situation; we have but to turn WITHIN to access it! When we do this, it will become our shield against the onslaught of worldly unrest that we face on a daily basis. “Peace I give you, not as the world gives” Shalom!

Supreme Hope and Faith

The word “Advent” means coming. When we are told something is coming, we can, at times, say to ourselves, “Oh, I hope so!” However this “hope” has within it that little doubt. TRUE (Supreme) Hope and Faith are the same; they leave no room for doubt. They are based on the TRUTH that Spiritual Law works every time, in every circumstance, for everybody. We can change our expectations from “maybe’s” to those of certainty through prayer! We WILL experience that which we expect. This week, we are invited to EXPECT – relying on Spiritual LAW – our highest Good! It is coming!

Happy Gratitude Day

Gratitude is a choice which we can make every day, under every circumstance. We are told, in the Bible, to give thanks IN all things. (Not, necessarily FOR all things.) This means that when something/someone we love passes, rather than living in sadness because of the passing, we can be grateful for the experience of having had it/them in our lives. We are told, also that God uses ALL things for good. Ergo, in the most painful, uncomfortable, frustrating circumstances, we can give thanks, IN ADVANCE, for the Good that God will bring to pass from it! The word Gratitude is based on the word, “Grace,” and God’s grace is everywhere, in everything. Choose to live in this Grace!

Fostering Divine Connectedness

Sometimes, we can feel alone in our challenges. But, we can never BE alone! What we need to remember is our connectedness with God and, through Him, with each other. Truth be known, these challenges are opportunities to do just that! They will, if we will allow them, bring forth heretofore unrealized greatness! When we realize and learn to rely on the power available to us through our connectedness with God, we will surely live more abundant, joyful, meaningful lives.

Pearls of Life

In the book of Job, we are told that the acquisition of wisdom is above that of pearls. He was speaking of how all other jewels or precious metals are derived from the earth. However, from whence is Wisdom derived? Only from the indwelling Christ! We have to go within ourselves (open the oyster–which sometimes can be very difficult) and extract it (the pearl of wisdom). When we do — when we allow the pearl of our indwelling Christ come forth — it will shine with a radiance like none other, lighting our way and blessing every area of our lives.

Finding Truth in Peas

Just as one pea pod contains many peas within, so the body of Christ contains many – in fact ALL – of us! However, we are taught that we are separate, from the time we are little children. We are invited, this week, to UNLEARN this belief in separation that we may enter into, and express, the Truth of our being! As necessary, irreplaceable and UNITED aspects of the One Whole, we have within us all that the One (Christ) is! Let us live it by allowing it to live us!