Sunday Audio Files

Sunday Audio Files

Cultivating Self Trust

Made in the image and likeness of God, we all have an inner, higher self that is the True emanation of the Most High; full of wisdom, strength and everything we need to live life to its fullest. But, in order to access the gifts of this Self, that we are in Truth, we must get to know It. We must learn how it works! “But, HOW?” you may ask. One way is to observe our lives, looking for patterns. Our thoughts, words and feelings always express in our surroundings and experiences. Change these thoughts, etc., and we change our worlds! The visible and the invisible are connected. As we put our attention on things of beauty; nature, music, loving family and friends, we raise our vibration, thereby attracting to ourselves ever higher experiences and ever higher expression of the Christ of our Being! A Self we can TRULY TRUST!

Unconditioned Freedom

This week, on the Fourth, we celebrate the birth of our nation, as an independent, constitutional republic! We light fireworks and sing songs of freedom. The question then arises as to how free we really are! In Unity, we say that Truth IS freedom! However, KNOWING Truth and LIVING it are not the same! To live Truth, we must stand firmly in our understanding of it, yet be ready and willing to allow it to grow and expand. This takes dedication and courage and a willingness to both stand strong and surrender to Truth at the same time! Enjoy the fireworks and the picnics, but remember that the Christ in YOU is the TRUE author of this gift of freedom.

Change; Our Responsible Self

Nobody is here on this earth by chance. We all came here to grow into and realize our true Christ Nature; also known as Self-realization, Spiritual Maturity, etc. Our souls are constantly inviting us to a higher understanding and expression of all we are meant to be. So just what IS this “Spiritual Maturity” which we have come to express? Let’s start with the word “maturity.” It means to be wholly responsible for that which falls under our control. Spiritual – of spirit – Spiritual Maturity relates to our management of thoughts, words and actions. It expresses as patience, faith, empathy, and the ability/willingness to live according to principle. These thoughts, words and actions are the three things in life over which we have complete control. We are invited, this week, to be aware of them, to take charge of them and to BE the Christ, in this world.

Divine Father

As we celebrate Father’s Day, we are reminded that, in the original language of the Bible, that the word for God was both male/female, ergo Father/Mother. So, today we get to celebrate those qualities of God, the Father as they express in and through each and every one of us: creator, maintainer/sustainer of life, guide, leader/example, cheer leader, ally, etc. We are invited to remember that THOUGHT is the Father that always begets in its own image; in our health, finances, relationships and even in the weather and climate! Today, as we thank and honor our earthly fathers, we are invited to “father” ourselves by remembering this eternal Truth and guiding our thoughts wisely.

Next Time is Now

“Next time is NOW.” In other words what we are thinking, saying, doing, where we are directing our attention and energy, today, is going to determine tomorrow and its experiences! It is only in this NOW moment that we have any power. All of the great people in the Bible were “possibility-thinkers.” Through their faith they could see a future, in which all good was manifest, in the now moment and act as if. This week, we are invited to follow their example; to see through the eyes of possibility, rather than focusing on appearances. We are invited to do it NOW!

Truth, Memorial Style

In this world, where Truth is hard to find, or even identify once we have found it, there is One to whom we turn for all Truth. God IS Truth. God IS Principle. God IS Law – never changing, never swayed by appearances or whim. This weekend, we honor those who have fallen in the service of our freedom. So, how do the two tie together? Truth IS freedom, freeing us from the bondage of error, of appearances! As we memorialize those who have died, we can memorialize, at the same time, those qualities which compelled them to step into the role of true heroes: courage, dedication, love for freedom, faith in that higher calling, honor and more. In LIVING these qualities, ourselves, we honor them in the highest manner possible.

Just Do It

James B. Conant once said, “Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.” Throughout our lives we will be confronted with opportunities to choose; this road or that, speak or maintain silence, strive for a goal or sit back doing nothing. Again, we are reminded that we come into this world fully loaded. But all the arrows in the world will do nothing unless they are put against the bow, aimed and pulled. This leaves us with yet another question; WHERE do we aim? If we are uncertain we can, through our times of meditation ascertain our souls’ true intention in any situation. Then, in the certainty that we have everything given to us to accomplish Spirit’s goal in and through and as us, we can step forward and JUST DO IT!

Celebrating the Divine Feminine

Every word for God, in the Biblical Jewish writings, was always male AND female in nature; male being the thinking/intellectual and female being the feeling nature. This male/female pattern is exhibited throughout nature. This Sunday, we celebrate the feminine in all of us, in its many aspects and expressions! The most common expression that we attribute to the Divine Feminine is that of Love. Not the romantic kind of movies and novels, but the unconditional Love that is part of God’s nature in and through us and as us: it heals, guides, prospers, forgives – and it holds the whole universe together from the biggest galaxy to the tiniest atom. Love without intellect is foolish and easily led astray. Intellect without love is cold and lifeless. They are the perfect pair, you might say. Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers, and to the Divine Feminine in all Fathers.

A Kernel of Truth

Every thought we think is like a seed, or a kernel on an ear of corn. Our minds are like the field in which we plant our seeds. Depending on how we nurture our “seeds” or “kernels” (devote attention and feeling to them) they will, in time produce a crop; our life experiences of health or sickness, prosperity or want, etc. We are also affected by the “fields” of those with whom we associate! This week, we are invited to be aware of the types of seeds we are planting and to also be aware of how our “fields” and those of close associates become intermingled (cross-pollinated). Think peace! Think love! Think life! Think health and prosperity! Think those kernels/seeds you wish to harvest!