Sunday Audio Files

Sunday Audio Files

“Sowing Correct Seeds”

As we work to experience more personal fulfillment, we can become emotionally attached to these ideas or dreams. In so doing, we may be limiting our potential by aiming, too low. In studying Abraham’s life we see that he was opulently prosperous, healthy and lived a long life. In spite of his mistakes, he enjoyed God’s continuing favor. Like him we, too, can fulfill our individual life’s destinies if we will live with the attitude of expectation; anticipating God’s good in all we do! THESE are the seeds we must be sowing; faith, prayer, the knowingness that, as children of God, there is no power that opposes us.

Heart-Minded Flexibility

“Heart-Minded Flexibility,” you may say. What is that? Why would I want it? And, how do I get it? So often, we go through life on “auto-pilot,” reacting to things the same as we have been conditioned, since who knows when! Heart-minded flexibility is that way up out of the rut into new, expanded understanding of Truth. It is the God-given ability in each of us to say to ourselves, “I choose a different thought! A different reaction!” And from there, we can rise above circumstances. Oh, and that rising is the very reason we just might want it! It offers us peace in the face of turmoil, renewed faith in the face of fear, strength to overcome. And, last, but not least: how do we get it? Prayer, meditation, study. Prayer, meditation, study. And, again, prayer…(you get the picture)…until we can actually put the principles we are learning to work in our lives on a daily, moment-to-moment basis! The Kingdom of Heaven awaits!

Spirit Is Calling

Can you hear it? Are you listening? If we are tired of how our lives feel, how they look, there is one way to change the circumstances: that way is dependent entirely on US! We can start by utilizing the spiritual tools at our disposal: our awareness of Truth, taking control of our emotional responses when faced with conflicting ideas, staying centered in the Christ nature of our being! As we raise our vibrational level, it cannot but raise the vibration of our surroundings, much like the ripples caused by a stone thrown in a pond. We attract our good by raising our vibration. However, we must take action to harvest and bring the grain to the table. We are invited, this week to think Truth, know Truth, feel Truth, Prove Truth and BE Truth in every area of our lives.!

Spiritual Solutions

There’s an old saying: “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.” This certainly applies to everything in life. But, sometimes the solution seems vague, or beyond us. Actually, it’s simple: GOD is the solution! However, God can only do for us as we allow God to act through us, and sadly for too many, our CONCEPT of God just isn’t big enough! Once again, WE are the problem, and must turn to God for the answer. We can do this through prayer and meditation, through reading and studying Truth books to enlarge our awareness of this Presence we call God, which in turn, will HELP us change; to  gain control over our thoughts and words and feelings! When we realize that we are God, expressing and experiencing Self, as opposed to mere flesh and bones, we are on the road to radiating that Presence of Pure Love into our world!


F.R.O.G.: Fully Relying On God! When we fully rely on that which God IS–Life, Love, Principle–all negative falls away and is replaced by joy, peace, trust, confidence! We must, however, rely on this Presence as a child relies on his/her parents, trusting that dinner will be there in the evening, that there will be somebody there when they wake in the night, somebody to bandage boo boos, kiss them and make them better! We are not bound by appearances! The moment we turn within where the kingdom of heaven resides; when we turn to it as a child might, we can access all that is good good and pure and whole!

Host or Hostage

We are in the world, but not of it. In this earthly experience, we can be a HOST to Spirit, allowing it to manifest in our bodies and in our lives, OR, we can be a HOSTAGE to our egos, wallowing in the negativity, the fear, the regret and resentments that are the fruit of the ego. The choice is ours. We can try to obtain what we think are our desires through our will power (ego), but that will usually find us frustrated and disappointed. However, when we allow Spirit to work in and through and as us, we will, first of all, not desire those things which are not in our highest interest, but rather those that are; the fruits of Spirit. Again, the choice is ours: Host or hostage? The universe will support us, either way.

Kaleidoscope: A Soul’s Focus

Remember playing with kaleidoscopes, as a kid? As you turned the end, all of the beautiful colors fell into beautiful different patterns; no two the same. Consciousness might well be compared to that kaleidoscope; ever changing lights and pattern variations. Now, just as when we were kids, we can change whatever we are seeing! If we are not truly satisfied with the patterns showing up, today, we can re-aim our thoughts, turn and refocus the kaleidoscope of our attention to get a pattern more suitable to us. It takes practice, but the reward is peace, joy, health, prosperity; all of the fruits of Spirit. The choice is ours! It’s child’s play, raised to a new level!

Truth Teachings: Common Sense

Thomas Paine pretty much summed our teachings when he said, “My Mind is my church.” Whatever we are dwelling upon, we are worshiping. It is only common sense, then, that if we wish good, peace, health, etc. in our lives, we must dwell on those things. Ernest Holmes (Science of Mind) reminded us (NOT a new teaching, by the way) that “Life is a blessing or a curse, according to the use we make of it…” Perspective is everything; as we believe, so shall we  receive, or better put: so shall we experience. This week, we are invited to release those thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve us! Only in this way do we set ourselves free to move on to higher ground; radiating the Truth, the Light, the Divinity with which we were born.

A Spiritual Truth Constitution

A Spiritual Constitution is a body of fundamental principles and laws that a soul can live by and thereby become more spiritually aware of one’s own divinity. The first fundamental principle of Spirit is that, created in the image and likeness of the one All In All, we all have free will. Freedom, it should be noted, manifests from the inside out. However we are experiencing life, it is by our choice! All conditions, situations and events are drawn to us by the law of  attraction: energy attracts its own kind. By our own power of choice, we can choose light or darkness, the easy way or the hard, health or disease, prosperity or lack and limitation. Through becoming aware of our thoughts, spending time prayer and meditation, or simply choosing, we can raise our energy to match that which we desire! Or not. The choice is ours. And, THAT is FREEDOM!

Spiritual Patriot

The word, “patriot” is based on the word “pater,” which means Father. Ergo, a Spiritual Patriot is one born of Spirit-Father; created in Its image and likeness. In this image and likeness–in US–is everything that the Father has and is; freedom, power, love, life all joy and more! However, it (the image and likeness) exists only as potential, until we become aware of it and learn to LIVE it, in its fullness. Today, we are invited to be willing to exert whatever effort and determination it takes to express that which we already ARE!