Talents Parable

Any weightlifter, or other athlete, will tell you, “Use it or lose it!” Of all the parables in the bible, and there are many, the one of the Talents gives the best example of this timeless Truth! If we don’t exercise our body on a daily basis, it slowly loses its capabilities which, at one time, we took for granted! This is also true, on a spiritual basis! We cannot ignore our spiritual practices and expect our CONSCIOUS CONNECTION with the INFINITE to be strong, when we most need it! Jesus called us to “keep” his words; or, to make them our OWN, to USE them (i.e., “I Am in the Father and the Father is in me.”)! In doing so, on a daily basis, we raise and maintain our consciousness and our lives above that of those strictly worldly beliefs that keep us in sickness, poverty and unhappiness to that of KNOWING our oneness with the ONE, and participating in the riches thereof.

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