We’re familiar with all of the sayings! There are probably more about Karma than any other law; “As you give”…”Do unto others”…or more from slang language; “You asked for it!!” What we may fail to realize is that Karma–both good and bad–is not something that happens TO us, but rather, THROUGH us! It is part of the law of attraction, the law of giving and receiving and the Truth that ALL is ONE! We cannot do unto others, give unto others or take from others without doing to, giving to or taking from Self! This brings us home to the questions: “Do I love myself, respect myself, forgive myself?” For it is in answering these questions that we will determine our Karma; the fruit of our seeds of self-love, self-respect, self-forgiveness or lack thereof! The law is totally impersonal!! This week, we are invited to do some self-analysis. Karma will be waiting for our answers!!

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