The Cleansing Flame of Renunciation

Renunciation (BTW: one of the Twelve Powers) frees us from the weight of negative thoughts and feelings, hurtful memories, fears and/or resentments which can weigh us down, slowing our journey to perfection and taking from our experience of joy in the present moment! As we let go of the past year, we can release, also, its situations, happenings, even people;  all those things we would rather not carry into the new one! As we forgive ourselves, others and the past, itself, we open ourselves up to new, brighter possibilities; greater prosperity, better health, a happier life! The Burning Bowl Ceremony is but a physical representation of this inward process. Though we usually celebrate it at the year’s end, we can do this, individually, throughout the year as a reminder that we are NEVER tied to any negative – we can use the cleansing flame of Renunciation and go on from there, lighter, happier; living the Truth of our being!

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