The Golden Compass

Each of us has our own personal guidance system; the Christ Indwelling, or as we are calling it, this morning, the “Golden Compass.” This guidance will lead us surely, directly to our chosen goal. However, we must, first, know what our goal is! Do we want better health, abundant finances, harmonious relationships? These are all available to us. However, as with any journey – which, by the say, starts with the first step – we need to know where we ARE, if we are to know in which direction we need to travel to reach our destination. We also need to know how this personal compass works. We access it through prayer and meditation, listening closely to that still small voice. It will tell us exactly what we need to do. We acknowledge where we are, spiritually, and where we wish to be. We then lay aside the extra baggage that would hamper our travels; ego-based fear, resentments, self-depreciation, etc., and we are ready to start the journey of a lifetime!

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