The Great Architect

Go downtown in any big city; marvel at the skyscrapers! They are total works of art! But, MORE, they are the works of Principle! The architects that first designed the blueprints for these buildings used an exacting science of mathematics; its principles unchanging and unchangeable!! One mistake could compromise an entire building! Now, look into the mirror and behold a work designed by an even GREATER Architect: The One, All-in-all!! Marvel at the perfection which was incorporated into every part of the blueprint of what you call YOU or SELF!! Everything is designed to work in harmony with the whole!! Strength and power are everywhere to be seen! Better YET!! The same Creative Principle which created you and me, is included in our design! When we realize this inborn capacity for perfection, we can better use it to create the lives we live, the experiences we draw unto ourselves, the Peace, Love and Joy we are DESIGNED to experience!! Now, back to the design table! There’s work to be done!!

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