The Holy Now

Some spend their days either planning for or worrying about tomorrow OR, fretting, regretting those things that yesterday holds! Our whole personal universe is but a picture of our thoughts up to this very moment — a history lesson, if we will read it correctly! We can do nothing to change the past. So, what DO we do about that scary future? The answer is in the NOW! This very moment is the ONLY one with any power to change our experience. We are invited, this week, to practice the presence of the Now Moment through the six following suggestions: 1. Focus on the now. 2. Give attention to small things. 3. Smile! 4. Do acts of kindness. 5. Give thanks and, last but not least, 6. Don’t worry!! This NOW moment is the greatest gift you can give to yourself; it holds the power of growth, healing and all change!! Enjoy it! Savor it! Give thanks for it! Happy Now Moment!!

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