True Prosperity

Though not recognized as such, by many, Prosperity is a Divine Idea! It is of the same energy as healing, harmony–in other words, Divine Good! God is always, has always and always will be striving to express in and through and as us this, His highest; Absolute Good! It is more than money–more than possessions! It is peace, love, joy, freedom and more! It is His will for us! That we struggle in any way, in this life, is due to our own ignorance of God’s Law! It is often called the Law of Giving and Receiving, or, the Law of Attraction. This law is totally neutral, responding to US; to what we put out through our thoughts and words and actions! This week, we are invited to be constantly aware of how we are responding, the thoughts we are thinking and the feelings we are ALLOWING to inhabit us! These things WILL attract according to their nature. We are invited to maintain a perpetual attitude of wonder and gratitude, for the simplest things; to avoid negative judgements and to embody and shine forth that peace and harmony that indwells us! We will reap the blessings!!


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