Truth Decisions

“First you say you do, and then you don’t. Then you say you will, and then you won’t…” These words from an old Standard song called, “Undecided,” can describe many of us, when it comes to our LIVING the truth principles we learn in Unity! Could it be that we are simply FORGETTING, at times–because our attention has been drawn so to some experience–that God is our source of EVERY good, God is our peace, harmony, protection, strength, wisdom….The list is endless, because God is boundless! We forget that WE are the governors of what we are thinking at all times! WE decide, in good times and in those we interpret as not-so-good! So, to help ourselves re-center in Truth, we are encouraged to step up our prayer practices–to remind ourselves, throughout the day, that we are one with the ONE–and that all the good that is, is right inside us, NOW. The choice is ours–let’s say, “I AM!” God’s name in us, as we affirm Truth, and it WILL MANIFEST!

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