Truth Stones

Since Biblical times, and before, man has set up alters to worship, according to his understanding of God. Then, Jesus told us to worship neither here nor there, but “in Spirit and in Truth.” What mankind had failed to realize until this time, was that his TRUE ALTER was his own consciousness–not made of material stone, but of those non-destructible “stones” of Love, Higher Realizations of his oneness with God, Faith, Strength and ALL that God IS! The TRUE church is within us, and by our thoughts and words, we are constantly holding a service! We are invited, this week, to be AWARE of this; of the enormity of blessings it can bring upon us; those of peace, prosperity, health, love, joy and freedom! We are invited to gather these stones of faith, willingness, surrender, love and forgiveness and more–and to pile them high in our consciousness! Thus will we truly build a worthy Alter to the Most High God!!

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