A Brighter Hope Faith

As we approach the celebration of the birth of the Christ Child, on Christmas, we prepare ourselves for the reawakening in US of His everywhere available presence–IN us, AS us, through the celebration of Advent! This week, we acknowledge and celebrate Hope and Faith–again, already in us–for they are that first step in RECEIVING ALL GOOD, the desire which God has placed in us from the beginning. the desire to be His Holy Emanation, as was Jesus.

A Brighter Hope Faith

With much of the media leaning toward negativity, today, how do we stay on the path of positivity, keeping our spirits up and our attention focused where it should be? It is a decision–yes, we have the authority! But, “HOW?” you may ask. We can do it by taking those little moments, throughout the day, to count our many blessings! Those little things which we take for granted; “Thank you God that I have running water,” as we begin to do the dishes. Or, “Thank you God for the beautiful sunlight,” as we take out the trash. Just start, and you will find THOUSANDS of things for which to give thanks. Gratitude begets Blessings! Happy Thanksgiving–every MOMENT every DAY of the year!!


In this world, where it seems that someone or something “out there” is always setting the “rules”–how we should walk, talk, act, etc., there is one place where WE remain the sole authority: that place is within our own minds! WE are the executive power over what we think and feel! WE are the rulers over our own inner kingdom! Unity teaches that the material world is not causative, but rather our own thoughts, which WILL APPEAR as those conditions we experience and how we experience them. We need to remember that there is only one door to the Indwelling God–“I AM” whenever we speak it, whatever we attach to it will BE; that we are ONE with this Holy Presence and, as such, WE are the High Priests of our own, individual states of consciousness!

The Land of Zeal

Sometimes, as we rush through this season of–yes–RUSHING; here and there, as fast as we can, we need to stop and ask ourselves, “Am I moving in the direction that I WANT; the direction that will take me higher to more health, happiness and prosperity?!! Or, am I just sitting, waiting for SOMETHING–ANYTHING to happen?” We have within us a power, known as “Zeal” (one of the 12 Spiritual Powers of man) which will act as the ignition switch, the engine, the accelerator and the fuel that will move us physically and spiritually to that higher experience of all life has to offer! Hold on to your hat! You are in for the ride of your life!

A Fun Halloween

Halloween can be as much fun for the grownups as for the kids! Just witnessing their joy lifts us and reconnects us with that ever-present child within! Then we get reminded of all of the masks and costumes we wear on a daily basis: father, mother, friend, worker, freeway driver, customer, student–the list is endless! But, who is it that is “hiding/playing” behind the mask? When we REALIZE the TRUE joy and beauty, strength and wisdom, health and prosperity that we are, as children of the ONE ALL IN ALL, the masks and costumes fall away! There is no longer any need for them–we are having WAAAAY too much fun, as our true selves!


When we glorify SELF–our TRUE SELF–we are, in Truth, glorifying God! We are rising above the error thoughts of separation, imperfection and all thoughts of “less-than!” We are here in the world to BE all that God would be, in and through and as us! This all starts in mind; the thoughts we think, the beliefs we hold, and in heart: the forgiveness, love and understanding we are willing to give to both self and others! When we allow the Indwelling Christ Spirit to guide and restore us to the remembrance of our divinity, everything changes, inside and out! We shine with a light that, in Truth, is glorious to behold.


Two Brothers in One

Remember the Biblical story of two brothers, one of whom stole the birthright of the other? Guess what! They BOTH live inside of us! One is ego, living strictly from material consciousness, while the other is living from a higher understanding! If we allow the “ego-brother” to rule in our lives, it WILL rob us of our birthrights of peace, health, happiness, freedom; all of those spiritual gifts with which we are born! So, how do we keep this from happening? WE have total authority over those thoughts which we allow to dominate our minds! It is our duty to OURSELVES to USE this authority and guide our thoughts, to remain receptive to those ever-available divine ideas, born of Spirit, to develop a meditation/prayer practice that helps us maintain this higher level of consciousness! Jesus said, “I am in the Father and the Father is in me…” He also told us to KEEP his words–make them our OWN! KNOW! As we change our thinking; as we aim for the Spiritual bullseye, we are supported every step of the way!



No matter how far we travel, or in which direction, the horizon always lays ahead of us! We can never reach it, yet something about it continually draws us! Something inside is always keeps us in search of what is just beyond, forcing us to live in faith! Each step, each mile shows us the smallest bit of what we couldn’t see before–but the horizon has MOVED! This is representative of how we all are inside! There is–and always will be–something more to discover, because we, in Truth, are limitless! We are on a never-ending journey toward SELF! We are to remember, too, that we are never traveling alone! Spirit within us forever urges us onward and upward–in the most joyous journey one can imagine!!

Murphy’s Law, Revisited

“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong!” Ever heard somebody say this? At face value, it can be pretty discouraging. However, even in our world of duality, the REVERSE is also true: “Anything that (I BELIEVE) can go right WILL go right!” It’s a choice! We are taught, in Unity, the power of our thoughts, and how the universe responds accordingly! Our lives are a perfect reflection of our thoughts, words and expectations–each individual state of consciousness! We are also taught that we have a CHOICE as to what thoughts we choose to accept and those we wish to deny or discard! SO, in TRUTH, whatever I CHOOSE to BELIEVE will happen–“I can DO this! I AM HEALING! I AM STRONG enough!”–WILL, indeed, happen! The choice–either way–and the outcome are ours!

Spiritual Volunteering

How many times have we sat–on a hill, perhaps, or riding in the car–wondering, “WHY am I HERE?!!” When we remember that we are God’s own emanation of Self, the answer is clear! We are here to DO and to BE that which GOD IS! “And, just HOW,” you may ask, “do I do THAT?!” We are told, most often, Biblically and through life experiences–if we have eyes to see–that God is LOVE! Not that sweet FEELING thing, but that which works to better our world, and the lives of those we touch! Volunteering is one form of love and includes, but is not limited to, those things we do for our church or our children’s school. It is also those little passing things; holding a door for somebody else, picking up a neighbors mail, or walking their dog for them, that express what we are, truly, here to be: God’s Love!