1 Thessalonians 5:16 tells us, “pray without ceasing.” This is a wonderful admonition! However, it can also be taken, metaphysically, as a “Statement of Truth!” We ARE always praying! Spirit hears every word, every thought, and always answers “Yes,” to the extent of our “investment” in and repetition of said thoughts/words/ideas. This week, we are invited to be aware of our thoughts and the energy we place behind them. We are invited to keep positive, Truth ideas in the forefront of our minds. We are NOT trying to change the world around us, but rather to raise our own energy to those levels where the world around us has less and less impact upon our serenity, our sense of security, our natural, spiritual predisposition to JOY! As we keep these Truth ideas in mind, we can allow ourselves to surrender to them! In so doing, we are actually surrendering to a higher, greater good which already exists in in Divine Mind! A Good which is SO desiring to express in and through and as US!!

Spiritual Labor

There is an old saying; “God can only do FOR us that which He can do THROUGH us.” Everything of value requires effort to obtain! This applies to both worldly and spiritual things. As we honor the American Worker, this Labor Day, we are honoring the SPIRIT of Labor, itself; the willingness to faithfully do whatever is required, for the attainment of a worthy and honorable goal! This is an inborn capacity we can and SHOULD be using all the time!! Examples of it, physically, are the constant beating of our hearts, our lungs which repeatedly throughout the day and night bring the breath of life into our bodies. So, how do we CONSCIOUSLY apply this Spirit of Labor to our everyday lives? Have you heard the term; “Hold that thought!” Holding the thought of some desired manifestation, takes effort! Maintaining a prayer/meditation practice takes effort–and discipline (another form of effort). Then, we take PHYSICAL steps to make ready for the receipt of this manifestation, moving in the worldly realm: We get up every morning to go to work, or to get the kids off to school, we shop for food, help a neighbor, etc. But, we can SPIRITUALIZE even the most common of these activities, when we realize that we ARE SPIRIT and that everything we do has a metaphysical counterpart in the Mind of God. As we do this, we are blessing these activities, thereby blessing ourselves and our world. Happy Spiritual Labor Day!!

Reality Dreaming

A recent, hugely popular hit song, “I Believe I Can Fly,” contained the lyric; “If I can see it, then I can do it! If I just believe it, there’s nothing to it!” The composer knew a Universal Truth: Our capacity to visualize is CREATIVE!! We can use it to create health, prosperity, peace, freedom, whatever we desire! However, we must learn to direct it, so that it doesn’t wander to those things which we would rather NOT experience; disharmony, lack and limitation!! Created in the image and likeness of First Cause, WE become first cause of everything we experience! Let us, starting now, be aware that we are constantly creating, and set our aim ever higher! As we do, we also light the way for others!! Enjoy the flight!

The Great Architect

Go downtown in any big city; marvel at the skyscrapers! They are total works of art! But, MORE, they are the works of Principle! The architects that first designed the blueprints for these buildings used an exacting science of mathematics; its principles unchanging and unchangeable!! One mistake could compromise an entire building! Now, look into the mirror and behold a work designed by an even GREATER Architect: The One, All-in-all!! Marvel at the perfection which was incorporated into every part of the blueprint of what you call YOU or SELF!! Everything is designed to work in harmony with the whole!! Strength and power are everywhere to be seen! Better YET!! The same Creative Principle which created you and me, is included in our design! When we realize this inborn capacity for perfection, we can better use it to create the lives we live, the experiences we draw unto ourselves, the Peace, Love and Joy we are DESIGNED to experience!! Now, back to the design table! There’s work to be done!!

Scattering Joy

Joy is the fruit of Spirit!! We sometimes, however, seek joy from the world, from circumstances. However, it is not to be found in the world, which is constantly changing! Happiness, yes! When things go “our way;” we get the promotion or the raise, we find that great deal on whatever, or the Doctor says, “Good news!” No, if we are to experience joy we must go within to find it–and it is there, just waiting to burst into our consciousness; yea, into every area of our lives. But, we must do the “footwork” to access it–Prayer and Meditation, Prayer and Meditation, and yes, Prayer and Meditation! And, the GOOD NEWS is that this prayer and meditation, in and of themselves, will BECOME A JOY to us!! Spirit is forever–and when we seek and find its wonderful, eternal fruit of joy, and claim it, there is nothing in the world that can take it away!!

Spiritual Trust

How many of us have said–or heard–at some time, “I just wish I had his/her faith!!” Truth is; we already have all the faith we will EVER NEED. The question is: In what, in whom are we putting our faith, our TRUST? When we analyze ourselves, we realize: 1. We trust gravity to keep us on the ground, or put us there, if we fall, and several other “natural” laws. 2. We trust God, however only in SOME things; to some degree! God’s first law is of order! When we realize that ALL of life is based upon LAW, we start that process of learning to trust. When we realize that God is all in all and therefore all that WE are, the ability to trust ourselves is born!! In the remembrance of our Divinity, we are learning to seek not in the world, but within for everything! We are learning to relax into a NEW KIND of Trust–a CERTAINTY–that Christ, indwelling, our TRUE I AM is always present, always available, always aware,  and ALWAYS eager to heal, prosper and bless us!!

Power Indwelling

We have sometimes used the phrase “Right! It’s all about you!” as an insult!! Surprise!! It is a statement of FACT!! Everything we see, hear, feel is not so much about what is happening, as how we are REACTING!! And, our reactions originate inside of us, born of our deepest subconscious beliefs; some of which are good and others, not-so-good–all of which we can change! We have that power. Unity, since its inception, has taught a metaphysical interpretation of scripture. If we will learn to interpret daily life thusly, seemingly insignificant occurrences can bear wonderful lessons; lessons that will lift us and give us a higher understanding of the truth of our being, our oneness with The One! And, in that wonderful, Christ consciousness, it IS all about us, because it is all inside of us; the power, the love, the intelligence EVERYTHING WE NEED, NOW! Time to LIVE the Truth!!

The Calling

How many of us has, at some time, thought, “What am I doing here?” Seems we all are searching for the answer to that question on one level or another. Jesus, in John 12:32 gave His answer; and, perhaps, the answer for us ALL: “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” This doesn’t mean that we have to suffer the cross, as He did, but we WILL, each and every one, be called to carry our own! We each have a calling to be “lifted up” in some way; to shine a light to help others, to BE that perfect image and likeness that God created us to be!! The good news is that God, indwelling, is constantly, forever loving us, supporting us, giving us HIS guidance, strength and endurance–EVERYTHING we need–to do that perfect work: Our Calling!



We’re familiar with all of the sayings! There are probably more about Karma than any other law; “As you give”…”Do unto others”…or more from slang language; “You asked for it!!” What we may fail to realize is that Karma–both good and bad–is not something that happens TO us, but rather, THROUGH us! It is part of the law of attraction, the law of giving and receiving and the Truth that ALL is ONE! We cannot do unto others, give unto others or take from others without doing to, giving to or taking from Self! This brings us home to the questions: “Do I love myself, respect myself, forgive myself?” For it is in answering these questions that we will determine our Karma; the fruit of our seeds of self-love, self-respect, self-forgiveness or lack thereof! The law is totally impersonal!! This week, we are invited to do some self-analysis. Karma will be waiting for our answers!!

Spiritual, Not Religious

There is an old saying, used by people who have already been “there:” that goes like this: Religion is for people who are afraid of going to hell; Spirituality is for those who have already been there and back.” Unity, though Bible-based, teaches from the spiritual aspect. It acknowledges Universal God Presence, God Love and God Intelligence AND God’s Universal Law in place from the beginning, and how they are alive and active IN US! Unity teaches how, in addition to our denials, affirmations and requests of God, our thoughts, words and actions are also ALL forms of “prayer” and that these prayers we pray, sometimes unwittingly, WILL be answered in our experience! Herein lies our power! We have learned that God, hearing all, answers THROUGH all; if we will only be watching and listening! A bird in flight or a horse grazing in some field–if we are in tune–may be the perfect answer to some question which we have presented. Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind WILL manifest, if we nourish it with repetition and faith!! Let us plant seeds of peace, love, harmony, joy and ALL that we would have God manifest in and through and as us!