The Holy Now

Some spend their days either planning for or worrying about tomorrow OR, fretting, regretting those things that yesterday holds! Our whole personal universe is but a picture of our thoughts up to this very moment — a history lesson, if we will read it correctly! We can do nothing to change the past. So, what DO we do about that scary future? The answer is in the NOW! This very moment is the ONLY one with any power to change our experience. We are invited, this week, to practice the presence of the Now Moment through the six following suggestions: 1. Focus on the now. 2. Give attention to small things. 3. Smile! 4. Do acts of kindness. 5. Give thanks and, last but not least, 6. Don’t worry!! This NOW moment is the greatest gift you can give to yourself; it holds the power of growth, healing and all change!! Enjoy it! Savor it! Give thanks for it! Happy Now Moment!!


How many times, in our daily conversations, does the subject turn to Truth? We KNOW the principles! We often SPEAK them. How do we LIVE them? By BEING them!! We are to BE faith, BE love, BE the divinity that we are, in Truth! We must teach our thoughts; discipline our minds, to follow the path in the direction of our divine goal of expressing, fully, the indwelling Christ, in our lives!! We must be OPEN to Truth, as it presents itself! We must learn to love ourselves, as children of the Most High! Then, in our conversations, we can speak words of peace, harmony, encouragement and faith, when we are talking with others; words that lift them up and encourage them to shine their OWN Divine Light.

Labor Day of Love

Some of us work our whole lives for the “almighty dollar” not knowing that there is something of so very much more value! This “something” can change everything about how we go about our daily 9 to 5 duties! It can’t be bought in a store, or even online. The truth is, we already HAVE it — right inside of us! That something is Love! When we do whatever work we do with a sense of a higher cause, with a sense of Love, we imbue our jobs with meaning beyond that of a weekly or bi-monthly paycheck. We come away with a sense of satisfaction, at the end of the day, that we have made the world a better place! We lift those around us, in the recognition that they, too, are playing a part in this! Whether we are a computer engineer or a janitor, the realization of our importance in the scheme of Life becomes a thing of beauty, to which there is no comparison. And to think that it all started — with a simple, yet unsurpassable thing — called Love!!

True Integrity

We have no control over what is happening around us; only over that which is happening INSIDE us! Our level of integrity will determine how we manage our inner lives; those thoughts and feelings we harbor and feed with our attention. Through integrity, we take responsibility for these thoughts we are holding, and how we choose to express them. We become more willing to serve, we become honest to a tee, with ourselves and others and we become more reliable, doing that which we have said we would do. True Integrity is based in Spiritual wisdom; that knowingness that guides us from within – that still small voice of Holy Spirit. When we consider that our lives may be the only “scriptures” that some will ever read, integrity urges and HELPS us to BE the highest and best we can be in every moment!

Game Day

Question: Are you living this “game of life” as a spectator or as a player? Do you sit on the sidelines or do you get into the “game” and become a force, striving for the goal? Another question! What IS your goal, and how do you plan to achieve it? To achieve any goal, one must have a direction in which to move, a willingness to put forth the effort and the belief that the goal is attainable and worthwhile! Yogi Bhajan tells us, “You are very powerful, provided you know how powerful you are.” How will we use this power? Spirit — Holy I Am, indwelling — is persistently calling us to come higher, to experience life more fully; to be a greater expression of the Divinity that we are, in Truth! Today’s the day!! Are you ready? Game on!!

Prayer: Affirmative Style

How many children have prayed, “God, pleeeeeeze get me that pony for Christmas!!” Perhaps, you were even one of them!! In Unity, we do not “beg!” Rather we remember Mark11:24: “So I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Prayer puts aside temporary appearances and affirms the highest good – according to our ability to imagine it. We are also reminded that our deeply held beliefs are also prayers and we are advised to become aware of them and how they are affecting us. This week, Rev. Michael outlines a basic five-step process to help us pray more effectively for our highest good — or even that pony!!

Through the ages, people have sought gurus–spiritual teachers–to help them understand life and the meaning thereof. These spiritually wise people can only give of their wisdom, however, as it comes through their own “filters.” We – when we earnestly desire it and are willing to do the inner work – can avail ourselves of the One-All-in-All Guru; the indwelling Christ! Jesus gave us a path to that Presence, through His words, and through His life! He said, “I and the Father are one,” among other spiritually revealing statements. Then he told us to KEEP his words — to ADOPT them; make them OURS — and to follow Him — to live as He did. In so doing, we will come to realize our OWN Christhood, and the Truth will, indeed, raise us above the travails of life and set us free!

Nine Choice Steps

God’s greatest gift to us in life was free will. That free will is experienced on many levels as choice. Life, itself, is a series of choices! We then experience the consequences of those choices and are free to choose again–either the same or differently! Each choice is a seed which WILL produce its fruit. Everything in life will be a reflection of the choices we have made up to that moment. This week, we are invited to be aware of the mental choices we are making from moment to moment; to be sensitive to that inner voice that was given to guide us in those choices. Then, we are invited to choose wisely; be they sweet or bitter, we will taste the fruits of the choice seeds we plant.


Today, we use Starfish (not really fish), also called Sea Stars, as examples of certain spiritual Truths. In Roman mythology, starfish represent Venus, the goddess of love. Since they have five legs, we will deal with five Love-related Truths. The first is perception: yes, the starfish has eyes – on the end of each of its five legs, giving it 360 degree vision; albeit, not as clear as that of human eyes. We, as humans, also have inner vision/perception, which we call intuition, that needs no eyes! Our other starfish-like attributes are sensitivity, healing, renewal (or as Fillmore called it; regeneration) and flourishing. As we recognize and learn to use these attributes, we will also be supporting our spiritual growth in all other areas of our lives.

Go For G.O.L.D.

Per Dan Gable, “Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.” So, what is this Gold Medal for which athletes devote their strength, determination, dreams – their very lives – to attain? “Why?” one would ask, when it will most likely simply be framed and displayed, but other than that, will have no use! What, in OUR lives, do WE consider so valuable as to devote the totality of our being to attain? Will it be something to display on a shelf, for a few to see? Or something to radiate, on a daily basis, for the whole world to see; something which will benefit not only us, but all whom we touch! We are invited, this week to reexamine our priorities and, if appropriate, make some self-nurturing changes. Gold is obtained by washing/burning away all that is not Gold. When we release all that does not support our highest good, we are going for the GOLD standard of God Ordained Life Demonstrated!