Spiritual Wake Up Calls

Life sends us many wake-up calls. Portia Nelson’s “There’s a Hole in My Sidewalk” tells of her “struggle” not to fall into the same hole, repeatedly. The hole in her story represents the many wake-up calls that life sends us! However, we must be vigilant, if we are to see or hear them! And, we must be willing to receive their messages! Third, we must be willing to take those steps indicated to avoid the pitfalls in life!! Last, but not least, we must be willing to value ourselves, as sons and daughters of the Most High; to live the Good that God is constantly seeking to express in and through and as us!!

Christ Capability

It’s a common term: He/She came in “fully loaded,” meaning having everything ever to be needed for a wonderful life. This term is more truthful than we realize!! As the individualized emanations of God or Spirit (whatever name we choose) all that is true of the Eternal, Universal One is true of us! The Indwelling Christ is always present, always ready and eager to shine forth in and through and as us! However, this can only happen according to OUR consciousness! This week, we are invited to be more aware of the allness that we are, to be more conscious of how we use the inherent gifts we possess and to make the decision to rise to the Truth of our being!


It is not enough to “talk the talk!” We must “walk the walk,” if we are to reap the benefits of the timeless teachings that have been given to us!! We must apply the principles on a daily basis, in everything that we do! We were not created to be anything less than the glory that God breathed, of Himself, into Adam; that same glory that has been passed down to every man, woman and child! As we acknowledge and tune into the Divinity that is ours, from the beginning, we will express and experience our heritage of health, prosperity, love, joy and Absolute Good, in every area of our lives. To do this, we must “unlearn” some of those error thoughts that we accepted before; those of separation, duality and limitation. As we turn to the Indwelling Divinity that we ARE, we will behold and partake of the wonderful treasures awaiting us!!

Halloween Magic

Halloween, with its ghosts and goblins, is a yearly delight for the children; getting dressed up to go out AFTER DARK, and getting candy, for doing so!! Their costumes become more and more creative, each year! So, what about US? What costumes are WE wearing, on a daily basis? Some of us wear many costumes, depending on present company or what we are doing. As we put these same costumes on, do we ever question why? We have the authority to change these rolls we are playing — for the BETTER! If we have been playing the roll of a needy person, or an unlucky person, or angry or grieving, we can CHANGE these rolls!! We can rise above any roll we have been playing, throw off that mask and costume, in exchange for a new and better one, and we are invited to do just that, this week — and moving forward!

Spiritual Fuse

In this age of electricity, we all KNOW the importance of fuses!! If one goes out, a whole section of the house is disabled. Spiritual Fuses are the same! They connect us with our Authentic, Christ Self, thereby giving us access to the fullness of its power, much the same as a light switch does for the light, on a much smaller scale! This spiritual energy which is opened to us unites – or fuses –  us with all of life’s blessings! We can use this fuse to act upon substance, thereby healing bodies, prospering finances, opening opportunities, fulfilling dreams. We must remember, however, that WE control the fuse! WE have the authority — unless we give it away. We are invited to CONNECT, through prayer and meditation, and FUSE, this week, to all that we are meant to be and have and do!

Joy: Look Around

How many times does the word, “joy” enter into our daily conversations? More importantly, how many times do we FEEL it? There is no reason it cannot be a normal part of our everyday lives, for joy comes from within!! It is not dependent on outside circumstances; you need not wait for them to change to experience its expression in and through and as you! There ARE certain things you can do to support your ability to claim and experience it! A few of them are, living in the present, gratitude, selflessness/giving and, of course, spending time in the silence! YOU can stir up that wonderful joy inside of your own inner self; it takes only your decision to do so! We are all invited to live this coming week in pure, unadulterated JOY!!

Water’s Mystic Lessons

As we look at some of the qualities of water, this week, we can gain greater insight into our own spiritual nature! Any builder will tell you, “Water cannot be stopped. The best you can do is direct it!” HOW we direct it will determine whether it powers an electric plant or wipes out an entire village. Water is the first thing space scientists look for when trying to determine if a foreign planet will sustain life! Water has no agenda, it seeks, according to its nature, it’s own level–and THAT can be raised or lowered according to the phase of the moon. So, too, we seek our own level; however, unknowingly, we often aim too low! That level that we seek can sometimes be influenced by outside forces, too! Looking back at the unstop-ability of water, let us, too, be unstop-able in our goal of reaching that level of Christhood, available to us all! The TRUE source of all life!

A Gateway Consciousness

How many times have we wondered, “Why am I here?” Or, even, for some of us, “Where did I come from?” The answer is that we came from One; from One-ness. We all have a sense of this, though not necessarily on a conscious level. We do all have a sense, though false, of separation (from this One). We are all seeking that One-ness from which we came! How are we to get there? We have to go through the GATE; our consciousness. A Gateway Consciousness is one which opens us to the remembrance of our oneness with the One, and through that, with each other and the universe. Our willingness opens the gate, allowing us passage. However, there are some things which cannot pass through. We must leave them on this side. A small price to pay for the wonders that await us on the other side.

The Holy Now

Some spend their days either planning for or worrying about tomorrow OR, fretting, regretting those things that yesterday holds! Our whole personal universe is but a picture of our thoughts up to this very moment — a history lesson, if we will read it correctly! We can do nothing to change the past. So, what DO we do about that scary future? The answer is in the NOW! This very moment is the ONLY one with any power to change our experience. We are invited, this week, to practice the presence of the Now Moment through the six following suggestions: 1. Focus on the now. 2. Give attention to small things. 3. Smile! 4. Do acts of kindness. 5. Give thanks and, last but not least, 6. Don’t worry!! This NOW moment is the greatest gift you can give to yourself; it holds the power of growth, healing and all change!! Enjoy it! Savor it! Give thanks for it! Happy Now Moment!!


How many times, in our daily conversations, does the subject turn to Truth? We KNOW the principles! We often SPEAK them. How do we LIVE them? By BEING them!! We are to BE faith, BE love, BE the divinity that we are, in Truth! We must teach our thoughts; discipline our minds, to follow the path in the direction of our divine goal of expressing, fully, the indwelling Christ, in our lives!! We must be OPEN to Truth, as it presents itself! We must learn to love ourselves, as children of the Most High! Then, in our conversations, we can speak words of peace, harmony, encouragement and faith, when we are talking with others; words that lift them up and encourage them to shine their OWN Divine Light.