Light Your Own Match

Affirmations and denials can be likened to matches! They can spark light into those darkened corners of our lives; those unseen places where we are afraid, angry, weary or where we lack self-confidence or courage to carry on! In order to light a match, we must strike it against a course surface; in life, those things that trigger our negative thoughts or emotions. So, through denials and affirmations, we can strike the appropriate “Truth Matches,” against whatever challenges we are facing! However, WE, individually, are the only ones who can light those matches! No one else can do it for us. EACH of us must access those spiritual powers already WITHIN! Nobody else can do it for us! From our Wings of Song book: “We search and search in outer ways to find our happiness. But when we turn to power within we turn from ‘No’ to ‘Yes!'” The match is in OUR hands! We are invited to strike it and start that inner fire which will illumine our whole world!

5/24: Cavalry Mindset

Our happiness, our peace, our sense of well being are not dependent upon outer circumstances; they depend solely on our thoughts and expectations. At times, we may fail to realize that these are totally in our control; WE DECIDE those thoughts upon which we will focus and to which we will lend our energy. A “Cavalry Mindset” is one in which we face and overcome whichever mental “enemy(s)” we face! The cavalry is not a single soldier, but rather an army. Spiritually, we have, indwelling, an army of tools! We refer to this state as Christ Consciousness! It is there for us, wherever we are, whatever we are facing, ready to come to our rescue. We call it into action through prayer, denials and affirmations, meditation, through our focus on Truth and through our decision to command and control the thoughts we hold.

5/17: Divine Empaths

We are all here for a purpose! Some of us struggle, for years, trying to discern that purpose, while others may go through life not giving it a thought. Today’s world draws us back to this age-old question: “What am I doing here??!!” The answer, as always lies inside. Ultimately, we are here to BE! We are here to express all that God is, and can do, in and through and as us! Today’s lesson sheds some light on what that means and tools that will empower us to attain our purpose: Be yourself; everyone else is already taken!

05-10: Divine Mothers

As we celebrate and honor our earthly mothers, we can remember that the Divine Mother is present in every spiritual tradition of Truth. Her role is one of pure tenderness, compassion and unfailing loyalty. The Divine Feminine, a spiritual energy, has been with us – male and female – from the beginning. In the perfect I AM, it is balanced with – and compliments – the Divine Male energy! Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Psalm 91

In these days of worldly uncertainty, there is always that ONE to whom we can turn for comfort, clarity, refuge! Psalm 91 is one of the most often cited books in the Bible! It shows the way to that peace beyond all understanding which we are all seeking at this time!


Only as we shine the light that we are, in Truth, can we light the way for others; as we allow ourselves to express the Indwelling Christ, can we become a lifeboat for others, and only as we live the Love that we are can we raise ourselves and others to new heights of greater understanding, peace and joy. It begins with us!