Wake-Up Call

When we don’t acknowledge what’s inside, we are not escaping it, or it’s consequences. We are but delaying them–and in so doing, we are putting our own selves in danger of that which happens when things are left to ferment and/or spoil; pressure builds and sooner or later, there is an “explosion!” Our souls, in their efforts to protect us, will give us wake up calls, but it is up to us to acknowledge (there’s that word, again) them. The “trick” is NOT to avoid this confrontation with SELF, but to be willing to DEAL with whatever is triggering us–if we had no triggers, this wouldn’t be happening, in the first place. ONLY in dealing with our issues, can we heal them! This week, we are invited to be on the lookout for those wake-up calls that our souls gently give us, so that we don’t have to face that proverbial “DON’T MAKE ME COME OUT THERE!” that we used to hear from our earthly parents.

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