Water’s Mystic Lessons

As we look at some of the qualities of water, this week, we can gain greater insight into our own spiritual nature! Any builder will tell you, “Water cannot be stopped. The best you can do is direct it!” HOW we direct it will determine whether it powers an electric plant or wipes out an entire village. Water is the first thing space scientists look for when trying to determine if a foreign planet will sustain life! Water has no agenda, it seeks, according to its nature, it’s own level–and THAT can be raised or lowered according to the phase of the moon. So, too, we seek our own level; however, unknowingly, we often aim too low! That level that we seek can sometimes be influenced by outside forces, too! Looking back at the unstop-ability of water, let us, too, be unstop-able in our goal of reaching that level of Christhood, available to us all! The TRUE source of all life!

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