Though many of us might like to, we are not here to change the world! Rather, we must change OURSELVES, if we are to be able to experience life differently. Those things we desire are a good place to start, as they are telling us, in a round-about way, what we are lacking inside: self-love, self-worth, or perhaps, things like patience, understanding, strength, and FAITH! We are constantly radiating that which we ARE! And that energy returns to us in like manner–even though we may not recognize it as such. As we turn our ATTENTION to God, to Spirit, Indwelling, that eternal gift of peace will envelope and become part of who and what we are! Contained in that peace are health, happiness, gratitude, joy, prosperity and freedom! As we give/radiate THESE out, they will return a hundred-fold! After all, you can never out-give God!!

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