Living the Living Truth

Unity has taught us, since its inception, that thoughts are living things which produce each after its kind! This, in and of itself is a lot to think about! However, HAVING thought about it, what are we to DO about it? You see, we are in this world to BE and to DO! John 13:17 tells us, “Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them.” Unity has given us five basic principles, from which we can launch; principles that will help us stay moving in the right direction and which will help us reach that wonderful goal of living in conscious union with the ONE, All in all! We are invited to take these principles into our daily lives! Live them! Act in harmony with the spiritual law in back of them! We are invited to “…live as an expression of God’s living, loving Truth,” that the fruits of His kingdom may be ours! The time is now! Come Church, ARISE! Love with His hands, See with His eyes. BE the Christ that you are in Truth!

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